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Small business owner in woodworking shop

Alabama Extension is offering a live, online workshop on choice of business entity. This program is applicable whether you are a farmer, operate a restaurant, or repair cars.

If you have a business and have not filed anything with the probate judge in your county, you are, by default, either a sole proprietor or a general partnership. There are several disadvantages to being either of these, but the primary problem is personal liability.

The state of Alabama has several options for business entities depending on whether you are a single person business or have several owners. The different entities will be discussed in terms of liability protection, participation in management, financial rights, transferability of interest, and several other categories.

This program will not offer legal advice but will be educational in nature. It is intended to give the participant the knowledge they need to discuss the type of entity they should form with their attorney.

Date and Registration

This online workshop is November 12, starting at 7 p.m. CT. There is a $15 fee for this class and registration is required. Class size is limited so there is time for attendees to ask questions.

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