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High tunnels extend the spring, fall and winter growing season in southern climates.

Farming is going digital. A series of educational videos that explore many topic areas related to farming is now available on YouTube.

These videos are a quick and useful tool for farmers who may benefit information in video form. The Beginning Farmer Playlist is available on the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s YouTube Channel (alcoopextensionvideo). The playlist combines agribusiness, IPM, and information from the Beginning Farmer program to meet the needs of many farmers.

At the click of a button, producers can watch short 2- to 3-minute learning videos that pertain to their work on the farm or in the field.

Topics include:

  • Pecan grafting techniques
  • Freeze damage to peaches
  • High tunnel IPM with pest exclusion netting
  • Low-cost insect netting for backyard gardens
  • Beginning farmer program impacts
  • Other informational videos

The entire playlist can be saved by clicking ‘Subscribe’ to get free alerts as new content is posted. Additional training videos will be added regularly.

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