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Last will and testament document laying on a desk.

The coronavirus pandemic has made many aware of just how important planning for their eventual death and possible incapacity is. Not having a will in place is not only more expensive than the cost to prepare one in advance, but it will also leave the administrative headache for a grieving family to deal with.

Alabama Extension is offering a two-hour online worksop on basic estate planning. This workshop is being offered through Zoom, an online video platform. Topics for the program include

  • the problems people create when they do not have a will in place
  • the three documents that should be in an estate plan
    • advance directive for health care
    • power of attorney
    • will
  • the use of a trust in an estate plan

Dates and Registration

There are two dates available to choose from for this workshop  –  August 6 and September 3. Each workshop lasts from 7 to 9:15 p.m. Attendance for each date is limited to 20 individuals to allow time for questions. Additional dates will be offered if there is a demand.

Registration is required and there is a $5 registration fee. When registering, select the date that you wish to attend.

Register Online

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