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In order to apply for an Alabama 4-H Foundation Scholarship, you must have a 4HOnline family profile. If you do not have a family profile, contact your county Extension office and staff will help you set one up. Once your family profile has been confirmed, please follow the instructions below to apply for the scholarship. You must be an enrolled member in 4HOnline by December 2 to qualify and apply.

How to Apply

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the member/volunteer list in your family profile. Select your name and Alabama 4-H Foundation Scholarship Application–2020. Click the register button below the registration types.
  2. Fill out the application fields completely. You cannot continue without answering all questions.
  3. Essay: Complete your story ahead of time and save it as a PDF. Limit your story to 500 words or less. Please format as followed: double spaced, 12 point font in Ariel or Times New Roman, and 1 inch margins. Click select to upload it into 4HOnline.
  4. Resume: Complete your resume ahead of time and save it as a PDF. Limit your resume to one page. Click select to upload the PDF it into 4HOnline.
  5. Letter of Recommendation: Applicants need one letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member. Examples of good references are teachers, employers, pastors, coaches, etc. Save your letter as a PDF and click select to upload it into 4HOnline.
  6. Type your name and the date in the certification and assurance section to ensure you personally prepared the application and its components.
  7. Click continue to go to the cart summary page. Select check out, which will direct you to the payment screen. Click select payment method and then click confirm order. There is no fee to apply for an Alabama 4-H Foundation Scholarship.
  8. The final page will give you a summary of your application.

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