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Storm clouds over Auburn University campus.

The following materials were developed by the National Weather Service and are available at www.weather.gov/.

NOAA Knows Lighting

Lightning is one of the most underrated severe weather hazards, yet ranks as one of the top weather killers in the United States. Lightning strikes in America kill about 5 people and injure hundreds of others each year.

Unlike other weather hazards that often involve sophisticated watches and warnings from NOAA’s National Weather Service, lightning can occur anywhere there is a thunderstorm. That’s why the National Weather Service conducts an on-going campaign to educate people about lightning risks.

Download a PDF of NOAA Knows Lightning.

Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods

Emergencies can happen. When they do, the best strategy is to already have a plan in place. This includes knowing the proper food and water safety precautions to take if hurricanes — or other flooding/power outages — do occur

Download a PDF of Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods.