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(Open Field and High Tunnel Crops)

Scout for insect pests regularly. For pest management information, organic and high tunnel crop producers should use ANR-2190, “Alternative Vegetable IPM Slide Chart,” after proper insect identification. Conventional producers should consult the Southeastern Vegetable Production Handbook. Always consult the insecticide label for correct usage. For scouting, examine 50 plants in 10 locations across the field. The example scouting form in ANR-2241 shows larval unit calculations for cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm, and diamondback moth. Count the number of caterpillars separate from aphids or other insects, and refer to the economic thresholds (ET). Remember that the accuracy of IPM decisions increase with sample size.

ET = Economic Threshold (number of insects above which there will be economic losses).

The generalized ET for caterpillar complex =

  • 10%, Infestation in Seedbed
  • 30% Infestation in Cupping
  • 10% Infestation Near Maturity.

The following are insect pests of crucifer crops. Each insect is identified, the plant injury caused by the insect, how to sample, and the economic threshold of the pest.


Download a printable PDF of Insect Pest Scouting for Crucifer Crops, ANR-2241.

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