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growers permits for farmers market

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System issues growers permits on behalf of the Alabama Farmers Market Authority. These permits enable growers to sell at farmers markets. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Farmers Market Authority has modified some rules.

The Farmers Market Authority will allow Alabama Extension to issue a 2020 growers permit without notarization if it is issued electronically to the producer or even in person during these unusual circumstances. To get a permit, growers should contact their county Extension office coordinator by email. Find county contact information at https://ssl.acesag.auburn.edu/directory-new/.

Additionally, concerning eligibility for the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP), the Farmers Market Authority has a copy of a producer’s 2019 growers permit and will use it as backup for the notarized signature. Individuals who do not participate in the SFMNP will need a copy of their 2019 growers permit along with the 2020 permit to present to any revenue official who may ask.

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