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Vegetables in a green house

There are several reasons someone grows a particular vegetable variety. These may include taste, seed availability, price, shelf life (storage), disease resistance or tolerance, potential yield, fruit shape, size, color, and more. If you do not know what variety to grow or are unhappy with something you are currently growing, you may want to try something new. Before entirely switching from one variety to another, it is recommended to grow a few new ones for more than a year before deciding on planting large acreages. Table 1 lists a few recommended vegetable varieties for 2023. However, this is not a complete list, and there are many more available varieties.

Before purchasing any seeds on this list, it is suggested to make sure the plant has the disease resistance, size, shape, color, and other desirable characteristics that you are looking for. If you have any questions about these varieties and others, contact your county’s Extension office to speak with an agent.

Table 1. 2023 Recommended Vegetable Varieties

AsparagusJersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme, and Purple Passion
Lima BeansBridgeton, Dixie Butterpea, Early Thorogreen, Henderson Bush, and Jackson Wonder
Lima Bean – Large SeededFordhook 242 and Dixie Speckeled Butterpea
Lima Bean – PoleCarolina Sieva, King of the Garden, and Willow leaf
Snap Beans – BushBronco, Bush Blue Lake, Caprice, Jade II, Lewis, Magnum, Prevail, and Strike
Snap Beans – PoleMcCaslan, Stringless Blue Lake, and White Seeded Kentucky Wonder
Cucumber – Slicer TypeBristol, Cortez, Dasher II, Poinsett 76, Rockingham, Speedway, and Thunder
Cucumber – Pickling TypeCalypso and Fancipak
Eggplant – Asian Type Calliope, Cambodian Green Giant, Ichiban, Kermit, and Pingtung Long
Eggplant – Italian TypeBlack Bell, Classic, Dusky, Epic, Night Shadow, and Santana
Eggplant – Miniature/Specialty TypeCasper, Fairy Tale, Ghostbuster, Gretel, Hansel, Little Fingers, and Rosita
GarlicChesnok red, Duganski, Elephant (Tahiti), German Extra hardy, Korean Red, and New York White Neck
CantaloupeAvatar, Ambrosia, Atlantis, Athena, Da Vinci, and Tirreno. Honeydew; 252 HQ, Dream Dew, Full Moon, Honey Orange, and Summer Dew
OkraAnnie Oakley II, Burgandy, Carmine Splendor, Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Jambalaya, and Lee
Onions Candy Joy, Cabernet , Mata Hari, Red Burgendy, Red Hunter, Sierra Blanca, Sweet Caroline, and Texas Grano 1015Y
Bell Pepper Alliance, Aristotle, Declaration, Excursion II, Flamingo, Flavorburst, Green Machine, Karisma, King Author, Mecate, Milena, Paladin, Revolution, Tequila, and Vanguard
Cayenne PepperSuper Cayenne II
Jalapeno PepperCompadre, El Rey, Inferno, Ixtapa X3R, Mitla, and Tormenta
Irish PotatoesAdirondack Blue, Atlantic, Dark Red Norland/Norland/Red Norland, La Rouge, Purple Majesty, Red LaSoda, and Yukon Gold
Winter Squash – Acorn TypeAutumn Delight, Celebration, Table Queen, and Taybelle PM
Winter Squash – Butternut TypeAvalon, Early Butternut, and Waltham Butternut
Winter Squash – Hubbard TypeGolden Hubbard, True Green Improved Hubbard, and Ultra
Winter Squash – Spaghetti TypePrimavera, Pinnacle, Stripetti, and Vegetable Spaghetti
Southern Peas – BlackeyesCalifornia Blackeye, and Queen Ann
Southern Peas – PinkeyesCoronet, Pinkeye Purple Hull- BVR, Quickpick Pinkeye, Texas Pinkeye, and Top Pick Pinkeye
Southern Peas – CreamsTexas Cream, Top Pick Cream, and White Acre-BVR
Southern Peas – Crowders= Hercules, Mississippi Purple, Mississippi Silver, Top Pick Crowder, and Zipper Cream
Summer SquashEnterprise, Gentry, Grandprize, Gold Star, Goldprize, Lioness
ZucchiniPaycheck, Payroll, Payload, Senator, Spineless Beauty, Spinless Perfection, and Conquer III
Summer Squash – Scalloped TypeBenning’s Green Tint, Peter Pan, Scallopini, Sunburst, and Total Eclipse
Sweet Corn – WhiteSweet Ice (se), Avalon (se), Devotion (sh2), Munition (sh2), Silver King (se), and Silver Queen (su)
Sweet Corn – YellowHoney Select (se), Merit (su), and Passion (sh2). Sweet Corn-Bicolor; Precious Gem (se), Temptation (se), Affection (sh2), BSS1075 (sh2), BSS8010 (sh2), Coastal (sh2), Everglades (sh2), Flagler (sh2), Mirai 301BC (sh2), Obsession (sh2), Seminole Sweet XR (sh2), Superb MXR (sh2), Sweet Chorus (se), and Sweet Rhythm (se)
Sweet PotatoBeauregard, Bayou Belle, Bonita, Covington, Hernandez, Jewel, Murasaki, O’Henry, Orleans, and White Hayman
Tomato – Fresh Market TypeAmelia VR, Bella Rosa, BHN 589, BHN 602, Carolina Gold, Celebrity, Crista, Defiant PhR, Florida 47R, Grand Marshal, Jolene, Mountain Gem, Mountain Glory, Mountain Magic, Mountain Majesty, Mountain Merit, Mountain Rogue, Mountain Spring, Phoenix, Primo Red, Red Bounty, Red Defender, Red Morning, Red Mountain, Red Snapper, Rocky Top, and Roadster
Tomato – Cherry Type Matt’s Wild Cherry, Sun Gold, and Sun Sugar
Tomato – Grape TypeBrad’s Atomic Grape, Cupid, Elfin, Gold Spark, Mountain Honey, Mountain Vineyard, and Smarty
Tomato – Roma TypeDaytona, Granadero, Mariana, Picus, and Plum Regal
Watermelon – SeededCrimson Sweet, Sugar Baby, and Jubilee II, Estrella, Lemon Krush, Nunhems 800, Nunhems 860, Sangria, Starbrite, Summer Gold, and Top Gun
Watermelon – Seedless TypeCracker Jack, Bottle Rocket, Buttercup, Captivation, Crunchy Red, Exclamation, Fascination, Liberty, Joy Ride, Melody, Orange Crisp, Road Trip, Sweet Gem, Traveler, Treasure Chest, and Tri-X 313
Watermelon – Seedless MiniExtazy, Mielheart, and Siris