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Image of an Asian Tiger Mosquito on a plant stem. Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org

Due to the number of mosquito-based companies and pest control companies performing mosquito control work in Alabama, it is important to reiterate the requirements for anyone engaging in such work. Anyone engaging in Mosquito or Public Health Vector Control work in the State of Alabama will have to possess and maintain certification and annual permits as follows:

Mosquito control activities can be divided into two groups:

  1. The Public Health component which normally involves a governmental entity making widespread community or municipal arthropod control applications over a large area; and
  2. Individuals or contractors wanting to operate on a for-hire basis that make arthropod control applications to an individual person’s property or commercial properties.

Chapter 80-1-13, Alabama Administrative Code, regulates the Public Health component, identifying governmental and/or professional entities for these programs.

Chapter 80-10-9, Alabama Administrative Code, regulates structural pest control activities (which includes the performance of any type of pest control and the use of any pest control devices).

Therefore, the installation and/or servicing of automated mosquito control mister in, on, around or under any structure would require a structural pest control business permit and a custom permit for public health. To qualify for the business permits, the permit holder must have at least one employee who is an Alabama certified operator in the categories of HOUSEHOLD PEST CONTROL and PUBLIC HEALTH PEST CONTROL. A pest control business offering fogging and barrier treatment services for residential or commercial properties must meet the same requirements as a business installing and/or servicing automated mosquito control misters. Each permit is renewed on an annual basis as follows:

Mosquito Control Requirements

  • CUSTOM APPLICATOR PERMIT (Annual period of January 1st through December 31st) A performance bond or liability insurance which covers drift in the amount of at least $3,000.00
    • Exams required:
      o General Standards
      o Ground Application……………………certification required*
      o Public Health Pest Control………….certification required*

Study materials for these exams are available online at: The ACES Store (Link Coming Soon).  Pesticide Applicator Study Manuals,  ANR-0430, this is the Public Health manual, which also covers General Standards and Ground Pesticide Application.

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PERMIT (Annual period of October 1st through September 30th) Insurance is required in the amount of $ 150,000.00
    • Exams required:
      o Household Pest Control (Qualification Requirements)……………..certification required*

Proper qualifications to sit for HPC exam is over one year working for a certified and permitted pest control company, OR successful completion of the Purdue University course, Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Go online to www.distance.purdue.edu. When screen comes up, go to Career and Workforce, drop down, click on Pest Management Programs, scroll down. You are looking for Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM, click there to read about course. Go back to previous page and click on Pest Management Brochure and Order Form. Either order online or print order form and send in completed form with correct costs. Final Exam for Purdue course will be proctored by Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries staff in Montgomery.


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