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Farm Worker Applying Pesticides

As of March 16, the main campus of Auburn University and its outlying units transitioned to remote servicing in an effort to practice social distancing. The Pesticide Safety Education Program will remotely resume normal duties during this time with limited access to various programs.

This is a fluid situation which will require offices to monitor and update procedures as the program moves forward. Any changes and updates will be shared through Pesticide Safety Education Program social media, the Alabama Extension website, and newsletters sent via email.

Manual Sales

  • Manuals will still be shipped and mailed once per week. Currently the selected day is Wednesday to ship out all manuals.
  • Visit the Alabama Extension Store to purchase pesticide manuals.

Private Applicator Trainings and Examinations

  • Until further notice private applicator permits can only be obtained online.
  • No other face to face trainings are permitted
  • If an applicant needs special provisions, contact Sonja Thomas.
  • The online program is ADA compliant. The cost is 60.00
  • The processing time for permits is unknown. ADAI is also practicing social distancing and will sporadically be in the office.
  • Visit the Alabama Extension website for information on the Alabama Private Applicator Online Training Program.

Commercial Applicator Permits

  • Currently, computer based testing for commercial applicators is only available in Millbrook, Athens, and Hanceville.
  • Applicants are still required to submit an application through the Metro Institute website. Check with the testing locations to see if they are still open.
  • The processing time for permits is unknown. ADAI is also practicing social distancing and will sporadically be in the office.
  • Visit the Metro Institute website for more information.


  • Currently applicators can receive CEUs online.
  • Visit the USAPlants website to view the CEUs.
    • Select online for the search criteria to see what trainings are available.


The Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program will host a webinar for commercial pesticide applicators. Those who attend this meeting and answer the required questions will obtain 10 re-certification credits for their Alabama commercial pesticide certification. All of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries commercial pesticide applicator categories can receive credit for this webinar.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • general information on personal protective equipment
  • reading a pesticide label
  • respirators
  • pesticide formulations

There are two dates for this webinar currently scheduled, March 26 and March 31, both lasting from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. This webinar is presented through Zoom, an online video conferencing platform and registration is required to attend. There is no cost to attend. Click the link below to register for the corresponding date.

Thursday, March 26


Tuesday, March 31


Note that each training is identical. An attendee can only receive points for attending one complete meeting. Attendees will not receive points if they have split or partial meeting attendance. You must be present for one entire meeting in order to receive credit.

For more information on this webinar, contact Sonja Thomas at 334-750-8891 or John Nabors at 334-703-3324.

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