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African American woman wearing pink smiles as she walks with a group in a breast cancer awareness walk.

Alabama Extension’s CHAMPION program launched a statewide campaign to get Alabama residents walking. County Extension offices in Calhoun, Houston, Jefferson, Lauderdale, Marshall, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa have established walking teams to support Walking Like a CHAMPION. Join a walking team or register as an individual and start walking today.

The Walking Like a CHAMPION campaign is an ongoing activity that encourages residents to get healthy by eating the right foods and adding physical activity to their daily routines. Adopting healthier lifestyles helps to reduce risk factors associated with chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

How to Register

Click on the Extension office to register online or contact the individual listed for more information. If your county is not listed, register with the Statewide/Madison County group at the top of the page.

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