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A group of small business owners stand excitedly around their grand opening sign.

What is Business 1-on-1?

  • Current and aspiring entrepreneurs gain advice in business operations: marketing, finance, industry regulations.
  • Business 1-on-1 provides opportunities for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to openly discuss business-related topics.
  • Business 1-on-1 mentors entrepreneurs to start a business or to improve current business operations.
  • Business 1-on-1 focuses on marketing, financial & business management, industry regulations,
  • leadership influence, how to obtain & develop business assets (cash, goods, and services), and evaluate the current state of a business.

Who is Business 1-on-1 for?

  • Business 1-on-1 is for current or aspiring small business owners of all ages and backgrounds.
  • We welcome all business owners from those that operate individually from a home office, to those with commercial storefronts, office space, and employees.

What is the goal of Business 1-on-1?

  • Small businesses are critical to the economic growth, success and sustainability of a community. The goal of this program is to strengthen economic and community development by helping small businesses to take the next step.

Man in wheelchair and two other entrepreneurs sit at a table watching a presentation by a business mentor. Latino woman stands inside her food truck ready for a customer, two men in suits stand proudly inside a warehouse stocked with goods.

Traits that Entrepreneurs Share

  • Passion for their work.
  • Self-starters or highly motivated people.
  • Disciplined with a focus on making their business work.
  • Courageous and willing to take risks.
  • Strong people skills that are needed to sell a product and to motivate staff.
  • Creative people who find that special niche in the market to make their product or service unique and valuable to consumers.

Small Business Facts

  • You must have a business license or permit before operating a business in Alabama.
  • More than 30 million small businesses exist in the United States, employing 60 million people or 48% of the labor force in the private industry (SBA, 2018).
  • Small businesses help to reduce unemployment, introduce new products and services, and stimulate economic growth.
  • The average age of a successful startup entrepreneur is 45 (HBR, 2018).
  • In Alabama, small businesses employ about 776,000 people or 48% of the private workforce.

Contact a Business 1-on-1 representative

State Office – Alabama A&M University
Dr. Kimberly Sinclair Holmes

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Alabama Extension. More in our cities



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