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The Alabama Extension beekeeping team presents the Stay at Home Beekeeping Series.

This online series promotes educational information for beekeepers. This gives members of beekeeping clubs the chance to attend meetings from the comfort of one’s own home using a computer or mobile device. Each session includes updates on timely beekeeping topics as well as a Q & A session.

Dates and Times

Each meeting will be held at times when most beekeeper clubs typically meet in order to encourage participation. All meetings are from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT). The three events currently scheduled are

  • May 28: What’s Killing Honey Bees? – Jamie Ellis, University of Florida
  • June 11: Varroa Biology and Management – Cameron Jack, University of Florida
  • June 25: Honey: Production, Processing, Packaging – Jim Tew, Alabama Extension (retired)

How to Participate

This online series is presented through Zoom, an online video platform, and through Facebook Live.

Watch this series through Zoom.

Watch this series on the Lawrence County Alabama Extension Office Facebook page.

For more information on the Stay at Home Beekeeping Series, contact either Jack Rowe or Allyson Shabel.

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