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Beekeeper with hive

The Alabama Beekeepers Symposium is one of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s most widely anticipated programs.  Now in its 25th year, the Symposium provides comprehensive education to both beginning and veteran beekeepers alike.

Make plans now to attend the 2020 Alabama Beekeepers Symposium Feb. 1, 2020 at Clanton Conference & Performing Arts Center in Clanton. Registration is $40 and includes coffee, lunch and snacks.  Register online here.

Beginning beekeepers will want to participate in a conference track designed just for them that will cover modern beekeeping techniques.

Experienced beekeepers will have the opportunity to choose among several tracks.

  • Products From the Hive –Will feature talks on mead making; honey and honey handling; and cooking
  • Keep Your Bees Alive – Will feature talks on the latest in small hive beetle control; European methods of beekeeping; plant life for your honey bees; and backyard queen rearing.

Jennifer Tsuruda, Tennessee state apiarist, and Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State Extension specialist, will speak give keynotes talks that all participants will want to attend.

Journeyman beekeepers, who are completing requirements to become Alabama Master Beekeepers, will give presentations on planting for pollinators; the importance of bee nutrition; and working with queenless colonies.

More than 25 beekeeping supplies vendors from across the United States will be represented in the Vendors Hall.

Register online here.

Honey Judges of America Show

The Honey Judges of America will hold an artisan show at the Beekeepers Symposium. Thus far, the honey show is unique to Alabama Extension’s beekeeping symposium.

The artisan-style show will showcase arts and crafts items, as well as food and beverages. There are 20 competitive classes to choose from. Read the complete rules.


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