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Flooded bale of hay.

The following information outlines steps for dealing with hay during times of flooding:

  • Even if hay was not submerged in water, heavy rains will likely decrease quality of hay stored outside or on the ground.
  • Hay that is submerged by as little as 1 ft., has little usable forage remaining.
  • The amount of rotted hay, mold, and possible contaminants in flooded hay, make it of little value and potentially a hazard to livestock.
  • Hay that has less than 1 ft. submersion, may still have some useable forage, but should be used with caution and should only be fed to cattle.
  • For hay submerged less than 1ft., feed the dry hay, but do not force the cattle to consume the wet and rotting portion of the bale.
  • Hay that was flooded in storage barns should be removed as soon as possible
  • This hay will begin to heat and spontaneous combustion is a possibility
  • Hay that is not fit for livestock should be disposed of by burning or compositing.

For more resources on flooding, visit the Alabama Extension website at www.aces.edu.

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