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Herd of Cows grazing on hay in a feeder.

Farmers face numerous challenges when their pastureland is affected by floods.

General Tips

  • Inventory livestock. Immediately after a flood event, inventory all livestock and identify missing animals.
  • Check the area. When livestock have been moved to a new area to escape flood waters, check the area to make sure there are no hazardous objects in the area. These might include old equipment that could scrape or gouge livestock, chemical containers, bale wrap or hay twine.
  • Observe livestock for sickness. Check livestock for wounds and seek attention from a veterinarian immediately. Continue to monitor herd health in the days following a flood event.

When flooding occurs, it can affect many aspects of livestock production. Listed below are several topics areas that can be affect by flooding, as well as information for producers to combat these affects.

Guide for Forage, Feed, and Diagnostic Services

Soil, Forage and Feed Testing

Services: Soil fertility recommendations, basic forage and feed quality analysis (TDN, CP, etc.), nitrates and minerals upon request

Phone: 334-844-3858

Website: https://www.aces.edu/anr/soillab/

Click on Forms and Publications for submitting samples

Aflatoxin Testing

Dairy One Laboratory – Ithaca, NY

Services: Mycotoxin panel – includes aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, vomitoxin, etc.

Phone: 1-800-344-2697

Website: www.dairyone.com

Click on Forms and Documents for submitting samples

Alabama State Veterinary Diagnostic Services

  • Thompson Bishop Sparks State Diagnostic Laboratory – Auburn, Alabama
    • Phone: 334-844-4987
  • Mitchem-Sparks Regional Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory – Boaz, Alabama
    • Phone: 256-593-2995
  • Hinton Mitchem Regional Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory – Hanceville, Alabama
    • Phone: 256-352-8036
  • J.B. Taylor Regional Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory – Elba, Alabama
    • Phone: 334-897-6340

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

General Website: www.agi.alabama.gov

Hay Directory: www.agi.alabama.gov/s/haylist

Alabama Cooperative Extension

Web Resources: www.aces.edu 

Extension Agent Directory: www.aces.edu/directory

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alabamabeefsystemsextension


Download a PDF of Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Following a Flood Event, ANR – 2536.


For assistance with any of the mentioned programs, please contact your local Animal Science and Forage Extension agent. This information can be found at aces.edu or by contacting your county Extension office.

This article was adapted, in part, with permission from a previous article by Dr. Matt Poore, North Carolina State University.


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