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Spraying equipment

For more information regarding Auxin Herbicides, available training and if you have questions or concerns, call an Alabama Extension specialist or the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Steve Li

  • Extension Specialist – Assistant Professor Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences
    • Mobile: (334) 707-7370

Sonja Thomas

  • Extension Specialist – Pesticide Safety Education Program
    • Office: (334) 844-8832

Tyler Sandlin

  • Extension Specialist, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
    • Office: (256) 353-8702

William Birdsong

  • Regional Extension Agent –¬†Cooperative Extension Systems
    • Office: (334) 693-2957

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

  • (334) 240-7243

Click here to access the ADAI website section about Auxin Herbicides.

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