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The Aquatic Resources Program provides science-based Extension programming in the areas of aquaculture, private pond and lake management, coastal resources, commercial and recreational fisheries, aquatic resource conservation, and aquatic resources K–12 curriculum development. Our team consists of statewide specialists and area specialists located strategically around the state as well as natural resource regional agents and county coordinators. Together, we provide educational programming, workshops, seminars, and diagnostic services with emphasis on environmental stewardship, best management practices, and economic viability.


Alabama Working Waterfront

Expected Outcome: Provide assistance to communities in implementing strategies recommended by the Alabama Waterfront Access Study Committee through technical assistance, facilitation, and information sharing. Provide workshops to community planners on these strategies.

Angler Education

Expected Outcome: Help anglers acquire a better understanding of fisheries resource management, angling techniques, and the importance of critical aquatic habitats.

Flowing stream in Alabama

Aquatic Nuisance Species

Expected Outcome: Raise awareness of management decisions on personal habits that would minimize the spread of noxious and invasive species. Report spread of noxious and invasive species to new areas.

Development of Alternative Species and Systems
for Aquaculture

Expected Outcome: Successful diversification of the aquaculture industry to include practices such as in-pond raceways, indoor systems, and intensified traditional pond systems. Species development will include hybrid bluegill, yellow perch, tilapia, and inland marine shrimp.

Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) in the Southeast

Expected Outcome: Catalog the presence and types of bluegreen algal bloom in surface waters across the Southeast; provide information as to the causes and implications of HABs, and train individuals in agencies and the public to sample blooms.

Implementation of Resiliency Index for Communities

Expected Outcome: Implement and evaluate the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Community Resiliency Index. Decrease natural hazard damage in communities.

K–12 Aquaculture/Aquascience Education

Expected Outcome: Increase math and science teaching capacity using aquaculture as a teaching platform. Use the Extension website to provide educational aquaculture information to educators and the public, and provide ongoing support to teachers that use aquaculture as a teaching tool.

Oyster Mariculture in Alabama

Expected Outcome: Establish a clean, sustainable industry along the Alabama coast through the establishment of profitable commercial off-bottom oyster farms.

Pond to Plate

Expected Outcome: Improve production efficiency, quality, consistency, and competitiveness of Alabama catfish geared to consumer demand.

fish farm ponds

Recreational Fish Pond Management

Expected Outcome: Improve the satisfaction and enjoyment of owners with their recreational ponds; increase their knowledge to be better consumers of pond management products and services.

Not all programs are offered in every county.

Rural and Traditional Programs are conducted by Auburn University personnel.
CECs are County Extension Coordinators.
REAs are Regional Extension Agents.



Russell A. Wright, Specialist
(334) 734-4932, wrighr2@aces.edu


  • Eve Brantley: (334) 740-4425, brantef@aces.edu
  • Jesse A. Chappell:  (334) 321-1597, chappj1@aces.edu
  • David J. Cline: (334) 744-2688, clinedj@aces.edu
  • Terry Hanson: (334) 844-9207, trh0008@aces.edu
  • William G. Hemstreet: (334) 624-4016, hemstwi@aces.edu
  • Claude E. Reeves: (334) 726-4095, reevece@aces.edu
  • Jody A. Thompson: (251) 438-5690, thomp13@aces.edu
  • William C. Walton: (251) 654-3392, wcw0003@aces.edu
  • P.J. Waters: (334) 703-5012, waterph@aces.edu
  • Gregory N. Whitis: (334) 352-2482, whitign@aces.edu

Agents and CECs

  • Andrew J. Baril, REA, Walker County: (205) 388-6893, ajb0012@aces.edu
  • Spenser E. Bradley, REA, Morgan County: (256) 303-4924, seb0043@aces.edu
  • Arnold M. Brodbeck, REA, Baldwin County: (251) 259-6507, brodbam@aces.edu
  • Patrick Cook, REA, Chilton County: (334) 850-6837, mpc0005@aces.edu
  • Jordan D. Graves, REA, Pike County: (334) 672-4826, jdg0041@aces.edu
  • Norman V. Haley, REA, DeKalb County: (256) 630-4248, nvh0001@aces.edu
  • John P. Ollison, REA, Choctaw County: (334) 422-1743, ollisjp@aces.edu
  • Kelvin L. Perkins, REA, Russell County: (334) 321-8208, perkike@aces.edu
  • Ronald W. Britnell, CEC, Morgan County: (256) 612-7587, britnrw@aces.edu
  • Theodore B. Gilbert, CEC, Russell County: (334) 329-1130, gilbetb@aces.edu
  • Charles M. Simon, CEC, Covington County: (334) 504-2113, simoncm@aces.edu
  • Jimmy D. Smitherman, CEC, Montgomery County: (334) 850-0343, smithji@aces.edu
  • George L. Tabb, CEC, Bullock County: (334) 850-7419, tabbgeo@aces.edu
  • Roger C. Vines, CEC, Coosa County: (256) 401-3388, vinesrc@aces.edu
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