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Who are the Faces of ACES? They are the 4-H agents working to build tomorrow’s leaders. They are the educators helping farmers recover from a disaster. They are the experts creating a healthier Alabama. They are even the researchers looking to change the world. Yes, the Faces of ACES are many and ever changing. These educators take the university to the people, bringing practical ways to better our homes, farms, people, and communities.

Join us throughout 2023 as we highlight the many Faces of ACES as they work to extend knowledge and improve lives!

Faces of ACES Steve LiMeet Steve Li – Associate Professor

I am Steve Li, a weed scientist with Alabama Extension. I started work with ACES in February 2015. My program specialty areas include peanuts, invasive species, forages, pastures, right-of-ways, forestry, woody ornamentals, and turfgrass. I recently started working alongside farmers to introduce the use of agricultural spray drones.

  • What is the best thing about ACES? One of the best things about Extension is having the opportunity to work with growers to resolve their on-farm issues. I am also excited to contribute to the industry and make a difference in famers’ operations.
  • What is the most challenging part of your job? Working at Extension offers the challenge of finding new ways to improve the livelihood of all Alabamians.

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2022 Faces of ACES

Alabama Extension professionals and those we impact are prominently featured in magazines and other media outlets. Below are some Faces of ACES we have recently featured, highlighting the work they do.

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