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AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is proud to honor agents and specialists who were awarded national awards through the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) and the Association of National Resources Extension Professionals (ANREP).

Fifteen agents received recognition through the NACAA, while 28 agents and specialists received recognition through ANREP awards.

Mike Phillips, Alabama Extension director, said it’s truly exciting and rewarding, as director, to see the level of engagement of Extension faculty in these outstanding organizations as well as the award recognition.

“This level of engagement and extending science-based information on a national scale shows that we are true to our mission and values organizationally,” Phillips said. “We are competitive with our peer-institutions on the national stage and we have a lot of passionate employees who care about their work.”

Outstanding in Their Field

Alabama Extension agents and specialists dedicate time and resources to educating the public in Alabama and surrounding states. Becky Barlow, assistant director for agriculture, forestry, wildlife and natural resources programming, said the agents and specialists she works with are second-to-none.

“Our agents and specialists do amazing work every day, so it is wonderful to see their achievements recognized nationally,” Barlow said. “Their tireless commitment to excellence and teamwork demonstrates the true spirit of Alabama Extension. I am incredibly proud of them.”

NACAA Awards

National Winners

  • Heidi Tilenius (Achievement Award)
  • Zachery Brannon (Achievement Award)
  • Alice Moore (Achievement Award)
  • Bethany O’Rear (Distinguished Service Award)
  • Joshua Elmore  (Distinguished Service Award)
  • Cynthia Knowlton  (Distinguished Service Award)
  • D. Eddie McGriff (Search for Excellence in Crop Production)

National Finalists

  • Kimberly Mullenix (Fact Sheet)
  • Jessica Kelton (Search for Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture Recognition Program)

Regional Winners

  • Leanne Dillard (Learning Module/Notebook)
  • Timothy Vining (Published Photo)

State Winners

  • Leanne Dillard (Bound Book/eBook)
  • Harli B. Willis (Educational Video Recordings)
  • Zachery Brannon (Event Promotional Package)
  • Steven Brown (Newsletter)
  • Jacob Kelley (Publication)
  • Zachery Brannon (Search for Excellence in 4-H Programming)
  • Ken Kelley (Search for Excellence in Young, Beginning, or Small Farmers/Ranchers)
  • Jessica N. Curl (Website/Online Content)

ANREP Awards

Outstanding Educational Materials Awards

  • Silver Award—Promotional and Marketing Materials
    • 2022 Phenology Calendar – Lynn Dickinson, Becky Barlow, Bence Carter, Nancy Loewenstein, Mark Smith, Wesley Anderson, Cameron Boland and John Kush
  • Silver Award—Webinar
    • Natural Resources Webinar Series – Bence Carter, Norm Haley, Ryan Mitchell, Drew Metzler, David Cline, Nancy Loewenstein, Mary Dixon, Doug Fulghum, Mark Smith, Eve Brantley, Chip East, Richard Cristan, Becky Barlow, Lynn Dickinson, Robert Tufts, Wesley Anderson, Kerry Steedley, Adam Maggard, Lori Eckhardt and Tim Albritton (USDA-NRCS)
  • Bronze Award—Promotional and Marketing Materials
    • Celebrating Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth – Karnita Garner, Tyler Mason, Allyson Shabel, Mary Dixon, Roosevelt Robinson, Kerry Steedley, Shannon Schoeneweiss and Wendi Williams
  • Bronze Award—Short Publication
    • Chainsaw Safety: Personal Protective Equipment – Bence Carter and Beau Brodbeck

Learn more about the awards by viewing the ANREP awards publication or contacting any of the Extension professionals listed above.

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