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Alabama 4-H young people learn, lead, and make a difference.

Head, Heart, Hands & Health

4-H young people learn workforce development skills such as time-management, networking, and accountability in addition to cognitive skills used in critical thinking, reading, science, and mathematics.

 4-H is in every Alabama county

125,721 young people in Alabama 4-H

1,363 Presented a Speech in Public Speaking

333 Practiced Work Safety in What Wood U Build

1,839 Developed Creative Solutions in Extreme Birdhouse

258 Made Budget Decisions in $15 Challenge

1,754 Demonstrated Food Safety in Food Preparation

434 Demonstrated Unique Skills in Freestyle Demonstration

334 Defined an Audience in Have I Got A Story

1,110 Constructed Designs in Blocks Rock

366 Created Visual Display in Freestyle Showcase

1,754 Utilized Composition Techniques in Photography

8 Virtual Video Series

  • Full Steam A head
  • Make Your Mark
  • Get Outside and Go
  • Happy Trails
  • 4-H Goes Wild
  • Just Move Healthy Living
  • 4-H Gets Cookin’
  • AGventures Awaits

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The Bottom Line

Project work teaches young people how to set goals, make decisions, follow-through with a commitment, and self-evaluate their work and present it to others.


Download a PDF of State Impact: Project Work, 4HYD-2411. 

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