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Young people learn, lead, and make a difference.

Head, Heart, Hands & Health

Alabama 4-H sets boundaries and expectations through constructive use of time where youth are creating, learning, and exploring the possibilities of a future with purpose, optimism, and personal power.

 4-H is in every Alabama county

71,241 young people in Alabama 4-H

40,452 Club Members

3,105 Volunteers

3,387 Clubs

9,436 Educational Activities

39,617 4-H Projects in a Bag

219 Educational Videos

194 Nearpod Virtual Lessons

796 Total Schools Served

601 Title I Schools

10,026 High School Participants

2,191 Reside on Farms

40,010 Reside in Towns Pop. < 10,000

18,984 Reside in Towns Pop. 10,000–50,000

6,095 Reside in Suburbs/Cities

3,961 Reside in Urban Areas

135 Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

604 Asian

18,639 Black or African American

6,912 Hispanic

747 American Indian or Alaskan Native

46,436 White

1,908 Did Not Indicate Race

2,772 More Than One Race

The Bottom Line

4-H’ers are 4X more likely to give back to their communities, 2X more likely to make healthier choices, and 2X more likely to participate in STEM.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Revised March 2022, State Impact: Alabama 4-H, 4HYD-2402

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