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Alabama 4-H Volunteer Kim Murray

Inspiring Kids to Do

Alabama 4-H is creating youth and adult partnerships.

“Students benefit from 4-H because projects focus on communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking,” said Kim Murray, Talladega County 4-H volunteer. “It is a pleasure watching 4-H members grow as they learn skills that will help them become college and career ready.”

Delivery Snapshot

  • 4-H is in every Alabama county
  • 161,937 young people enrolled
  • 165,700 volunteer hours
  • 8,935 volunteers
  • $4.2 million impact
  • 1,702 training modules

4-H impacts volunteers by providing opportunities to:

  • influence youth learning
  • grow and develop personally
  • contribute to the 4-H mission
  • benefit social capital and community

The Bottom Line

4-H provides opportunities for personal growth and helps volunteers give back to their communities.

Download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2404 Alabama 4-H Volunteer Impact Report.

For more information on Alabama 4-H programs, view the statewide impact report. Contact your county Extension office to learn about local opportunities.

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