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Alabama 4-H Volunteers

Creating youth and adult partnerships.

Inspiring Kids to Do

“Over the past 10 years working closely with 4-H and Extension, I have seen first-hand the guidance and variety of programs—programs that have helped to instill confidence and a willingness to strive for excellence. There are endless opportunities with 4-H, if our youth are ready to take the journey.” — Vercilya Reese, Jefferson County 4-H volunteer

4-H is in every Alabama county

125,721 young people in Alabama 4-H

103,254 volunteer hours

4,330 volunteers

$2.6 million impact

4-H Impacts Volunteers By Providing Opportunities To:

  • influence youth learning
  • grow and develop personally
  • contribute to the 4-H mission
  • benefit social capital and community

The Bottom Line

4-H provides opportunities for personal growth and helps volunteers give back to their communities.


Download a PDF of State Impact: Alabama 4-H Volunteers, 4HYD-2404.


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