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Alabama 4-H citizenship and leadership

Growing True Leaders

Alabama 4-H young people learn, lead, and make a difference. Young people work to positively impact and support each other during the club year. Through leadership and communication, they improve their skills while developing a sense of pride in their communities.

Delivery Snapshot

  • 4-H is in every Alabama county
  • 161,937 young people enrolled
  • 3,346 clubs
  • 10,038 officers
  • 67 councils
  • 68% know it’s important everyone has a chance to say what they think
  • 56% are able to listen well to others
  • 54% apply knowledge in ways to solve real-life problems in their community
  • 52% enjoy learning about people who are different from them

The Bottom Line

4-H young people say citizenship and leadership opportunities improve their essential life skills.

Download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2403 Alabama 4-H Citizenship and Leadership Impact Report.

For more information on Alabama 4-H programs, view the statewide impact report. Contact your county Extension office to learn about local opportunities.

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