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Alabama 4-H College and Career Readiness

Growing Alabama’s Future

Young people in Alabama 4-H learn, lead, and make a difference. Alabama 4-H is growing the next generation of citizens, leaders, and workers while instilling essential skills and positive identity.

Delivery Snapshot

  • 4-H is in every Alabama county
  • 161,937 young people enrolled
  • 3,571 high school seniors
  • 35 scholarships awarded for post-secondary education
  • 90% said workplace skills are important
  • 97% want to make a difference
  • 96% know what they’re good at
  • 82% know more about what they want to do after high school

The Bottom Line

4-H young people are better prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century workplace in recognizing the value of lifelong learning.

Download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2407 Alabama 4-H College and Career Readiness 2018-2019 Impact Report.

For more information on Alabama 4-H programs, view the statewide impact report. Contact your county Extension office to learn about local opportunities.

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