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Alabama 4-H young people explore, understand, and connect.

Exploring Alabama’s Resources

Alabama 4-H provided 29,036 young people with opportunities to learn about and explore our state’s natural resources through forestry, wildlife, water, stewardship, and recreation.

4-H is in every Alabama county

71,241 young people in Alabama 4-H

Management Planning

Field Investigating

Responsible Recreating

Through 4-H Outdoor Education programs, young people actively explored the outdoors.

  • 100 virtual contest freshwater anglers
  • 77 miles of paddling in Alabama freshwater
  • 53 water monitoring collections
  • 32 forestry and wildlife management competitors

The Bottom Line

4-H is equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to protect and conserve Alabama’s valuable resources.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Revised May 2022, State Impact: Outdoor Education, 4HYD-2408


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