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Alabama 4-H State Ambassadors

What a great year!

During the 2017-18 club year, 4-H was in every Alabama county.

  • Our Mission: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower young people with the skills to lead our communities, our state, our nation, and our world.
  • Our Vision: Growing Alabama’s Future
  • Our Promise to Youth: To reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse needs, and social conditions of the state.
  • 4-H’ers are 4X more likely to give back to their communities, 2X more likely to make healthier choices, and 2X more likely to participate in STEM activities. Tufts University 2010

Enrollment and Delivery Snapshot

  • 178,884 total enrollment
  • 51,217 total club membership
  • 3,111 total clubs
  • 8,907 volunteers
  • 590 Title 1 schools served
  • 729 total schools served
  • 30,495 high school participants
  • 8,354 participants reside on farms (5%)
  • 17,588 participants reside in suburbs/cities (10%)
  • 83,992 participants reside in towns (46%)
  • 50,114 participants reside in towns/cities (28%)
  • 19,563 participants reside in urban areas (11%)
  • 14,314 Hispanic youth
  • 1,411 American Indian or Alaskan Native youth
  • 1,736 Asian youth
  • 52,848 Black or African American youth
  • 107 Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander youth
  • 115,969 White youth
  • 3,755 youth that did not indicate race
  • 3,058 youth indicating more than one race

Our Relevancy

  • 11% increase in total 4-H club membership
  • 3% increase in Alabama schools (49.5% presence)
  • 43% increase in total number of 4-H clubs
  • 175,049 volunteer hours contributed to 4-H programs–valued at $4.3 million or an estimated 88 full-time employees
  • 4-H graduate responses to the 2018 Career Readiness survey.
    • 99% learned how to act professionally
    • 98% identified things they are good at
    • 93% explored future career options
    • 89% identified one or more careers that could be a good fit for them
    • 85% have a better idea of what they might do after high school
    • 62% researched colleges
    • 66% learned about colleges that could be a good fit
    • 71% of graduating seniors indicated that they spent one hour or more in 4-H activities each week. This signifies the value of 4-H in their lives and career choices and suggests the extent of their participation.

Program Successes

With your help, Alabama 4-H will continue to empower thousands of young people and strengthen hundreds of communities across Alabama.

Click here to support 4-H programs at www.alabama4hfoundation.org.

Click here to download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2320 Alabama 4-H Statewide Report.

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