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Alyssa Rios of Marengo County is the 2022 Golden Egg Contest Winner.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Every year, Alabama 4-H offers students a variety of opportunities to compete in skills-based competitions ranging from animal care to public speaking. The Golden Egg Contest is just one of many, but it has been special for a 4-H member from Marengo County.

2022 Golden Egg Contest Winner

The winner of the 2022 Golden Egg Contest is Alyssa Rios from Marengo County. Rios has been a member of 4-H for three years and is a sixth-grade homeschool student. Rios is the third winner from Marengo County since the contest’s inception.

“We are proud of Alyssa,” said Beth Yates, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System 4-H foundation regional agent in Marengo County. “She is an exceptional young lady and is an asset to our local 4-H programs.”

What is the Golden Egg Contest?

Alyssa Rios of Marengo County was the 2022 Golden Egg Contest Winner.

Alyssa Rios of Marengo County is the 2022 Golden Egg Contest Winner.

The Golden Egg Contest is a poultry-based competition created by Alabama Extension Specialist Brigid McCrea. McCrea said the Golden Egg Contest assesses the ability of 4-H members to raise chickens that produce high-quality eggs.

Any Alabama 4-H member can participate in the contest if they have a flock of chickens currently laying eggs. The contest has a junior and senior division. The junior division consists of young people ages 9 to 13, while the senior division is for all youth, up to 18 years of age.

For winning the 2022 Golden Egg contest, McCrea will visit Rios and her flock, presenting her with an autographed book, 500 pounds of chicken feed and a rosette. Rios will be also be interviewed and featured in the “Chicken Whisperer Magazine” and on the “Chicken Whisperer” radio show and podcast.

Contest Judging

Golden Egg gives participants the ability to judge their own eggs and determine which ones have the best quality. Participants can enter eggs based on their weight by the dozen and color. The entry fee is $5 per dozen—and members can submit up to three dozen eggs.

“After studying the requirements about choosing the proper eggs by watching the 4-H Golden Egg videos on YouTube, Alyssa chose her best dozen eggs,” Yates said.

Judges evaluate eggs on several criteria including the following:

  • calcium deposits
  • shell stains
  • uniformity of color and shape
  • yolk shadow
  • air cell size

Eggs are either hand delivered or shipped to the Alabama Extension headquarters in Auburn where they are judged by personnel from the Auburn University College of Agriculture’s Department of Poultry Science. The judging resembles the same testing measures used in commercial poultry production.

More Information

Alabama 4-H encourages all members to be active in their local clubs and to participate in competitions. To learn more about the different opportunities with 4-H, visit www.Alabama4H.com.

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