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Alabama 4-H State Ambassador

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Making the best better. In Birmingham, Alabama, Kenneth Reese, the 2019–2020 Alabama 4-H state ambassador president, lives the 4-H motto.

“I want to be a role model to youth and show them all the opportunities 4-H offers,” Reese said. “This is a goal I have had for years.

First introduced to 4-H in school, he started his own 4-H club at nine.

Growth through Leadership

Serving as a state 4-H ambassador provides additional skill development in leadership, public presentation, citizenship, community service and public relations, as well as team building.

Reese leads 24 additional state 4-H ambassadors this year. They represent the organization statewide while collaborating with Alabama Cooperative Extension System faculty to plan and facilitate 4-H events.

“I am excited to see what this year brings for Kenneth,” said Izette McNealy, Jefferson County Extension 4-H agent. “It has been an honor to watch him grow as an individual through 4-H and pursue his passion for leadership.”

Reese became an ambassador because of his desire to advance his leadership and communication skills, while also introducing youth to the positives of 4-H. This year, he has a goal of increasing the number of club members in the program.

Looking to the Future

When it comes to his future, this Jefferson County 4-H club member has plans to go places.

“4-H helped me figure out my true calling by being involved in its programs,” he said. “It gives youth the opportunity to be career ready by offering programs that give insight into a career they might want to go into in the future.”

Healthy living projects captured his interest because they support his dream to one day own a restaurant.

“I see myself going into my profession successfully because of the skills and knowledge I obtained through programs 4-H has offered me,” Reese said.

According to Reese, 4-H is important because it makes youth better.

“Because there are programs in place to help young people advance their skills, 4-H prepares youth to become physicians, accountants, teachers, engineers and more,” he said.

About Alabama 4-H

For more than 100 years, Alabama 4-H has been helping young people develop into resourceful citizens and responsible leaders. Today, Alabama 4-H engages with more than 178,000 youth. It seeks to empower them with the skills to lead their communities and also grow into future leaders.

The program provides fun opportunities and rewarding experiences that have young people returning year after year.

Help Alabama 4-H continue to support youth like Reese by visiting TheCenterofItAll.org.


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