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Match Contacts

  • Jennifer Gann, Rifle Discipline Lead
  • Matt Carroll, Match Director


Saturday, February 25, 2023


7:30 a.m. (on-site check-in opens)


CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Range, Anniston, Alabama

Age Divisions

  • Juniors age 9 to 13 (as of January 1, 2023)
  • Seniors age 14 to 18 (as of January 1, 2023)


  • Junior and Senior Sporter
  • Junior and Senior Precision


$35 per shooter for air rifle; additional $10 per shooter for air pistol (nonrefundable)

All competitors must have a CMP competitor number. Register for a number at no cost at the CMP website: http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/CreateACMPNumber.pdf.


All teams and individuals must register through v2.4honline.com. Registration opens January 9 and closes February 9. Late registration closes on February 16 (no shirt included).


The number of air rifle relays is determined by registration numbers. Relay 1 begins at 8:30 a.m. Coaches and team members must arrive in time to complete on-site check-in. Participants must be at the designated lane 30 minutes before the start of the relay for a mandatory safety meeting.

Conduct of the Match

This event uses the current National Standard Three- Position Air Rifle Rules (https://thecmp.org/youth/air/national-standard-three-position-air-rifle-rules/) as the guide. Coaches and 4-H’ers are expected to be familiar with these rules. Modifications to the rules are stated in the event announcement. This rule book is available for a nominal fee from the National Three- Position Air Rifle Council, Camp Perry, P.O. Box 576, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452.

Course of Fire

Three-position air rifle 3×20: Twenty shots are fired in each position (prone, standing, and kneeling). Targets are placed at 10 meters (33 feet). Shooters are called to bring equipment to the line 5 minutes before the preparation period. There is an 8-minute preparation and sighting period for prone and 5-minute preparation and sight period for standing and kneeling. At the end of the preparation and sighting period, competitors have 20 minutes to complete the prone target, 25 minutes to complete the standing target, and 20 minutes to complete the kneeling target. There is a 5-minute changeover between positions.

Teams are made up of the four highest scoring shooters from a club for junior and senior teams. The coach may declare the three- or 4-person team but cannot change the team after shooting begins. If a team doesn’t have enough senior members to make a team, junior members can be used on the senior team. Coaches must declare, and these juniors cannot shoot on a junior team.


Teams and individuals must furnish all of their own equipment, including eye protection. Only rifles firing .177 caliber pellets are allowed. No rifles equipped with scopes are allowed. Equipment may be checked by match personnel for compliance.


Participants, coaches, and families are encouraged to bring their own snacks, drinks, or picnic lunches. There are several fast-food carryout eateries within a short drive.


All shooters must wear eye protection and closed-toe shoes while on the air rifle ready and firing lines. Failure to wear eye protection results in a warning followed by disqualification. Eye protection is required by 4-H.

Changes to the Program (Match)

In the event a change must be made to the program, schedule, or rules to facilitate the overall 4-H program, only those coaches that registered through 4HOnline are notified by email using 4HOnline as the sender. All reasonable effort is made to avoid a change.

Summary of Sporter Air Rifle Equipment/Clothing Rules

  • Rifles: Only rifles approved by the current CMP rule book may be used. All other makes and models of air rifles are not preapproved and must be inspected and approved by the match director before being allowed.
  • Sights: Only sights made for approved air rifles are allowed. Scopes are not allowed in any case.
  • Stocks: Stocks of rifles must be of conventional design and may be adjusted once shooting has started.
  • Clothing:
    • Two loose-fitting shirts or sweatshirts may be worn over one t-shirt. The top two shirts may not be tucked into pants.
    • One pair of ordinary pants or jeans may be worn. Skirts are allowed.
    • Only normal low-cut street shoes or athletic shoes with flexible soles may be worn. No boots are allowed. Shoes may not extend above the ankles.
    • Slings are allowed in the prone and kneeling positions. Slings are not allowed in the standing position. Slings may be a maximum of 1.25 inch wide and must be attached to the upper arm of the shooter and to the fore end of the rifle.
    • An ordinary glove or a shooting glove may be used. Gloves that restrict movement of the wrist, such as a golf glove, are not allowed.
    • Note: These are highlights of sporter air rifle rules. For complete rules, refer to the current National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules at https://thecmp.org/youth/air/national-standard-three-position-air-rifle-rules/.

Directions to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Range

From Interstate-20, Exit 188:

  1. Head north on Golden Springs Road/Leon Smith Parkway. Continue to follow Golden Springs Road for 1.2 mile.
  2. Turn left at Greenbrier Dear Road and go 0.3 mile.
  3. Turn left at Sentinel Drive. The range will be on the right.

Address: 1470 Sentinel Drive, Anniston, Alabama 36207


Shannon Andress, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University

Revised January 2023, Air Rifle 2023 State 4-H SAFE Championship, 4HYD-2131-B

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