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4-H Goes to Mars Introduction

Alabama 4-H is excited to launch 4-H Goes to Mars!, a virtual 4-H camp on science, technology, engineering, and math with a theme of space exploration.

Tune in for Two Weeks

When: 4-H Goes to Mars! is a two-week camp running from October 26 through 30 and November 2 through 6.

Where: 4-H Goes to Mars! is presented virtually, through Nearpod, an interactive presentation platform, and Zoom, an online video platform. Participants can connect to this online learning and hands-on activities wherever they are.

Format: Each day of the camp, a main topic will be presented in one or more online, self-paced lessons followed by a live session conducted from 4 to 5 p.m. Hands-on activities are also included.

Costs: Lessons for each day’s topic are free and open to all who wish to participant. While there is no registration fee, there may be minimal costs for the supplies for the hands-on activities. For each lesson, these supplies are described as “Materials Needed”.


Access to each of the Nearpod lessons will be available in the tables below.

Registration for the live event is required. Visit the 4-H Goes to Mars! Zoom registration page to sign up and get the invitation to participate.

Using Nearpod Lessons

Each day, the camp will use self-paced and live Nearpod lessons. Nearpod is an interactive presentation platform that engages participants and lets them share their responses in real time. The self-paced lessons can be accessed by participants at any time. Participants will simply click on the link to the lesson, complete the activities, and advance through the presentation at their own pace.

During the live sessions on Zoom at 4 p.m. each day, instructors may have a live Nearpod created and will provide participants with a code. To access the Nearpod presentation during the live sessions, the participants will go to join.nearpod.com and type in the provided code. The presentation will only advance through the slides when the instructor directs it to.

To engage with the live Nearpod during the Zoom session, participants will need to have Zoom open on one screen and Nearpod on another.

Suggestions. Open Zoom on your computer and access Nearpod via the Internet on your smart phone or tablet, or format the Zoom screen and Nearpod screen to fit side-by-side on your computer.

Schedule and Topics



More Information

The 2020 National Youth Science Challenge – Mars Base Camp kit will be used for the Thursday, November 5 lesson.

A number of family and full kits have been distributed, but they can still be ordered either by the county Extension office or by individuals. Visit www.4H.org to learn more about the Mars Base Camp kit and or to order a family kit.


Thank you for joining us as 4-H Goes to Mars!

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