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Women in Ag Workshop

…ally, more than 1.2 million are women. The most recent Census of Agriculture shows a dramatic increase in the number of women in agriculture.

More than 22,000 women are counted as part of Alabama’s almost 65,000 farmers. The Alabama Co…

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Numbers of Women in Ag on the Rise

…y, more than 1.2 million are women.

The most recent Census of Agriculture shows a dramatic increase in the number of women in agriculture—a statistic that Jessica Kelton, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System regional agent, says is …

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The Women of Urban Agriculture

…s to small farmers, including women,” said E’licia Chaverest, SFRC assistant director. “Organizations like Hopewell Women in Agriculture is an example of SFRC resources at work in Alabama communities.”
Hopewell Women in Agriculture

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Alabama Chapter of the Professional Women in Pest Management

The Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM) is an affiliate group of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) whose mission is to attract, develop and support women in the pest management industry through educational programs…

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Using a Nitrogen Budget in Farm Management

Nitrogen (N) losses from crop production systems have both economic and environmental implications. Each year growers spend a significant amount of money on nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Not all the fertilizer, however, e…

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Women and Girls in STEM: Balancing the System

Women in the United States have made significant strides in education and entry into the workforce. However, despite these advances, women are still underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


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New Farmer Discovery Tool

New farmers:

Access the support and resources you need to begin farming or use our easy Discovery Tool.

Women in AG:

Opportunities for women to grow, learn from one another, and lead within their industries.


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Education Beyond High School: Affordable for Alabama Families

Access to education beyond high school is important for all young people. Many communities in the state of Alabama have jobs that require postsecondary education.

Postsecondary means education after high school. Graduating from…

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Alabama Extension is all Heart

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Alabama Extension is all heart when it comes to observing National Heart Month in February each year. This year was no exception as staff engaged in monthlong heart health activities.
National Wear Red Da…

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Alabama SNAP-Ed Program Accomplishments

Major Awards (8)
Association for Communication Excellence

National Awards

Publishing: Special Reports, Bronze Award for Live Well Alabama SNAP-Ed Annual Report FY18
Graphic Design: Print Advertising, Bronze Award for Live Well …

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Human Nutrition, Diet & Health -The Urban Difference: Report 2018

*This is part 9 of 9 from The Urban Difference: Report 2018

The Right Track to Good Health
Combining nontraditional learning experiences with leadership opportunities from across program disciplines, aids in promoting healthy youth deve…

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Family & Child Development – The Urban Difference: Report 2018

*This is part 6 of 9 from The Urban Difference: Report 2018

Older Adults Respond to Seniors CAN

Educating seniors about meeting basic home and personal needs improves their chances of living independently with or without help from fam…

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Weight Bias Among Youth and Adults

What is Weight Bias?
Weight bias is defined as negative attitudes, beliefs, judgments, stereotypes, and discriminatory acts aimed at individuals because of weight. Weight bias can be overt or subtle. It exists in mainstream media, in homes…

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Alabama Extension Launches Farming Basics App

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Today’s farmers are using new technology more than ever to help them with day-to-day tasks. In a physically demanding and rapidly developing industry, farmers lean on GPS, web information, online courses and time…

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Vaping and E-cigarettes: What are the risks?

Some people believe that vaping and electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that these devices are not safe for youth or adults becau…

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