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Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

Alabama is a water-rich state with more than 132,000 miles of rivers and streams, 3.6 million acres of wetlands, 60 miles of Gulf of Mexico coastline, the most extensive artificial reef system in the United States, and 560,000 acres of lake…

12 min read

Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…e fish have destroyed many native plant beds in these rivers. Voracious grass carp are capable of doing great damage to wetlands. It is this concern that has led most states to pass laws dictating strict control of the stocking of grass car…

6 min read

Oysters in Alabama

…rces, oysters depend on good water quality for continued use by man. Good water quality can be maintained by preserving wetlands, by careful planning of dredging activities, and by controlling pollution both in Mobile Bay and in the tributa…

4 min read

Blue Crabs in Alabama

…nd recreationally important marine species, juvenile crabs depend heavily on the food and protection found in the tidal wetlands of the bays and bayous for good growth and survival.

Blue crabs grow rapidly, feeding on clams, mussels, oys…

3 min read

Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species: Amazonian Apple Snail

…duction: Aquarium trade
Recognized Impacts: Agricultural pest, especially in rice-growing areas; consumption of native wetland vegetation; potential human disease vector (nematodes and trematodes)
The Amazonian apple snail…

4 min read