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Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of Weather conditions that may be…

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Poultry Producers Always Prepared for Severe Weather

AUBURN, Ala. – Planning for severe weather is an option for some, but mandatory for others. The men and women who raise and produce agricultural products cannot afford to be caught without plans and preparation for severe weather. Poultry…

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Odd Weather Conditions Leave Cotton Producers Concerned

AUBURN, Ala. – Weather this spring disrupted planting for cotton crops in south Alabama, leaving farmers across the Wiregrass concerned.
Weather Difficulties
Cool temperatures in April halted planting until early May. Hot temperatures a…

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Weather: Ever an Obstacle for Farmers

AUBURN, Ala.—Alabama farmers faced cool, wet weather at the beginning of spring. This kept many farmers out of their fields for several weeks. In a twist, manageable only by Mother Nature, many producers are now hoping for rain as they be…

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Fruit Culture in Alabama Winter Chilling Requirements

…ve no effect on bud break. Finally, ecodormancy is a stage of dormancy controlled by environmental factors such as cold weather. Buds that have received sufficient chilling will not begin to develop until temperatures become warm.

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Climate Effects on Forage and Beef Production

… risks and mitigation strategies to improve production potential in the Southeast. Following is an overview of seasonal weather conditions, impacts, and strategies for management in beef-forage systems.


Download a PDF of C…

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Organic Insecticide Rotations and Tank-mixes for Vegetable Crops

…icide rotations with Bts is enhanced when applications are made inside high tunnels (protection from rain) or in cooler weather (fall crop production).

Organic Insecticide Rotations with Single Active Ingredient (AI) and Premixes

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Management Considerations for Rye Cover Crop Production

…ired for producers unable to plant early to ensure they achieve adequate biomass levels.
It is important to consider weather conditions when determining when to apply N fertilizer. In years with heavy rainfall, applied N can be lost thro…

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Spotted Seatrout in Alabama

…igratory because they rarely move more than 30 miles. However, they do seem to move to deeper waters during the coldest weather and return to the shallow areas in the spring. Deep holes are known to attract specks when water temperatures dr…

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Nutrient Content and Composition of Poultry Litter

…utrient value.

Litter is considered a soil builder because it helps to improve soil organic matter content of highly weathered soils. It also improves soil microbial activity and helps to increase overall soil health. However, the nutrie…

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