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Weather Causes Favorable Environment for Late Blight

…r Phytophthora infestans, is destructive and can eliminate entire crops in a matter of days.

This year’s cool, wet weather has provided conditions that favor the development of this disease. Dr. Ed Sikora, an Alabama Extension plant pa…

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Livestock Health After Severe Weather

AUBURN, Ala. – When severe weather passes through an area, producers must take their livestock’s health into consideration. In addition to providing adequate feed and water, producers must look for any injuries livestock may have sustai…

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Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of Weather conditions that may be…

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Poultry Producers Always Prepared for Severe Weather

AUBURN, Ala. – Planning for severe weather is an option for some, but mandatory for others. The men and women who raise and produce agricultural products cannot afford to be caught without plans and preparation for severe weather. Poultry…

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Odd Weather Conditions Leave Cotton Producers Concerned

AUBURN, Ala. – Weather this spring disrupted planting for cotton crops in south Alabama, leaving farmers across the Wiregrass concerned.
Weather Difficulties
Cool temperatures in April halted planting until early May. Hot temperatures a…

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Weather: Ever an Obstacle for Farmers

AUBURN, Ala.—Alabama farmers faced cool, wet weather at the beginning of spring. This kept many farmers out of their fields for several weeks. In a twist, manageable only by Mother Nature, many producers are now hoping for rain as they be…

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Moms to Be: Let’s Get Physical

…y and build up. At first, do a little less than you think you can. Later, when you know your limits, do more. Watch the weather. Days that are very hot or icy cold can strain your system. Learn to dress for the weather.

Physical activity…

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Early Developing Peach Varieties Take A Hit

…en March 4 – 7. Depending on the area and conditions, early peach crops could be affected by this stretch of freezing weather.

Dr. Edgar Vinson, an Alabama Extension commercial horticulture specialist, said early varieties took the maj…

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Forest Diseases in the Southeastern United States

… are commonly associated with pitch canker formation. Other agents include mechanical (especially in seed orchards) and weather related injury from excess winds, ice or hail damage.

Symptoms of the disease are cankers on the bole, branch…

8 min read

Street Trees 3: Planting the Trees

… is available. Additional mulch is required for aesthetics. This mulch is usually washed away or decays to expose ugly, weathered black plastic. Black plastic is not a good choice for mulch.

Fabric mulches are more effective than black p…

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