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Weather Causes Favorable Environment for Late Blight

…r Phytophthora infestans, is destructive and can eliminate entire crops in a matter of days.

This year’s cool, wet weather has provided conditions that favor the development of this disease. Dr. Ed Sikora, an Alabama Extension plant pa…

2 min read

Livestock Health After Severe Weather

AUBURN, Ala. – When severe weather passes through an area, producers must take their livestock’s health into consideration. In addition to providing adequate feed and water, producers must look for any injuries livestock may have sustai…

2 min read

Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of Weather conditions that may be…

4 min read

Poultry Producers Always Prepared for Severe Weather

AUBURN, Ala. – Planning for severe weather is an option for some, but mandatory for others. The men and women who raise and produce agricultural products cannot afford to be caught without plans and preparation for severe weather. Poultry…

3 min read

Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

…vide 2 to 4 feet2 per bird for adult laying hens. Gather eggs at least once per day. Twice a day would be better in hot weather.
Starting chicks in the spring is not conducive to maximum egg laying in hens. Ideally, pullets would…

5 min read

Seedless Watermelons: A Sweet Summer Treat

…ield generally results in poor, weak stands.
Planting and Growing
Growers should plant triploid seedlings during mild weather, where the seedlings will be protected from harsh environmental conditions. In order for a seedless watermelon t…

2 min read

Exobasidium Leaf and Fruit Spot of Blueberry

…s have established that infection of new growth has been closely associated with extended periods of rain and/or cloudy weather, conditions typical for the current season in Alabama.   Evidently, only young leaves, prior to hardening off,…

2 min read

Thrips Predictor Model Helps Make Cotton Management Decisions

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Spring and warmer weather sends producers to the fields in droves, planting and making decisions about the upcoming growing season. Researchers at North Carolina State University helped to remove some guesswork fro…

2 min read

Stocking Rates for Cow-Calf Operations in Alabama

…ch forage is actually consumed by the animal. More intensive management generally means improved forage utilization.
Weather and Environment. Significant year-to-year variation in rainfall and temperature trends in Alabama can influence …

3 min read

Anthracnose Prevalent this Spring

… into sunken black lesions with age.

The spots may remain a light to tan color for a few days, especially during wet weather. The entire fruit may become infected, dried and mummified. Dark brown to black, firm lesions can occur on green…

2 min read