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Be Mindful of Winter Weather

…mendations for staying safe and preparing for possible snow and ice, power outages and other impacts from severe winter weather conditions.
Winter Storms
Winter weather in the South involves cold temperatures, ice and possible snow accumu…

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Peaches Benefiting from Seasonal Weather

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Cool weather is just what peach trees across Alabama need. Edgar Vinson, a fruit crop specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said peaches and other tree fruits need adequate chill hours to produce…

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Livestock and Recovery Efforts After Severe Weather

Dr. Soren Rodning, an Alabama Extension veterinarian, discusses potential problems and proper livestock recovery efforts following a severe storm.


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Prescribed Fire: Weather

…ou have many things to consider. Fuel type, fuel load, and topography are usually static and straightforward to assess. Weather, however, is always changing and can take practice and thought to evaluate when planning for a prescribed fire. …

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Weather Causes Favorable Environment for Late Blight

…r Phytophthora infestans, is destructive and can eliminate entire crops in a matter of days.

This year’s cool, wet weather has provided conditions that favor the development of this disease. Dr. Ed Sikora, an Alabama Extension plant pa…

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Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of Weather conditions that may be…

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Youth Leadership Conference

… the Alabama 4-H Dress Code. Casual or sports clothes are appropriate for the rest of the event. Come prepared for cold weather and rain. Each participant must bring a pair of closed-toe shoes.
Each county is to send at least o…

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Pruning Roses Promotes Vigorous Growth

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.— Roses are red, violets are blue. Roses need pruning; ensure that you do.

Warm weather in January has gardeners itching to grab a pair of pruners and head to the flowerbeds. While pruning roses promotes growth i…

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January Chill Accumulation Monitoring

*Chill hour/chill portion comparisons do not include modified chill hours
Information for Chill Requirements
Cooler weather ideal for chill accumulation has been predicted in the coming weeks. However, symptoms of lack of chilling (exte…

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Alternative Feeding Strategies for Beef Cattle

Challenging climatic conditions, such as continued periods of dry weather or heavy rainfall, can negatively impact grazed forage stands and cause producers to rely more heavily on stored forage resources.

In situations where access to st…

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Early Management of Gray Mold & Anthracnose

…ies. These strawberry plants grow during the warmer parts of the fall and become dormant during the winter months. When weather conditions become favorable in the spring, strawberries begin to bloom and set fruit. From planting to harvest, …

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Controlling Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Woody Ornamental

…ing season. These spores are spread to healthy foliage by a combination of splashing water and wind. During warm, humid weather, symptoms will appear 10 to 14 days after infection.

In nurseries, year-round problems with Entomosporium lea…

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Battling Holiday Stress and Depression

…ur favorite comfort foods. Flowers said try substituting some of these foods for healthier alternatives.

“The cold weather already makes it hard to stay active and get out of the house,” Flowers said. “Heavy comfort foods are not g…

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Fire for Land Management Friendly to the Southeast

…escribed Fire Promoting Better Forest and Wildlife Management

Prescribed Fire the Fuels Component

Prescribed Fire Weather

Introduction to Prescribed Fire Ignition Techniques…

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