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Water Wheels

Water Wheels: Outdoor Water Conservation Laboratory
The Home Grounds Water Wheels: Outdoor Water Conservation Laboratory is a 36-foot mobile water conservation laboratory. This mobile lab is available to travel all over Alabama bringing c…

1 min read

Pond Construction and Watershed Management in Recreational Fish Ponds

Pond Construction and Watershed Management is part one of seven in the Management of Recreational Fish Ponds series.

Alabama has about 250,000 small ponds covering more than 134,000 acres. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: ir…

6 min read

Home Grounds: Urban Gardens and Sustainable Landscapes

…or taken individually depending on interest: Food Facts, Home *A* Syst, STEM in the Garden, Urban Gardens, Urban Green, Water Wheels, and What’s Bugging You.

Food Facts
The Food Facts component provides researched-based informat…

2 min read

Housing & Facilities for Dairy Goats

Dairy goats can be successfully maintained in a variety of production systems, including fenced cultivated pastures, fenced uncultivated pastures, and dry lots.

In each of these systems, health and production depend on …

5 min read

Preparing to Evacuate a Farm

Farms in flood-prone areas, or areas in which flooding has been anticipated, should have an emergency plan for evacuation. A farmstead disaster plan must consider the safety of family members and farm workers, livestock, and emergency respo…

2 min read

Fish Kills During Droughts

During a drought, the phones of Alabama Extension county offices will ring with reports of fish kills. These kills happen for two primary reasons: low water that creates crowding and poor water quality or oxygen depletion from over-fertili…

3 min read