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Returning Home

When faced with the destruction of your home following a storm, you may wonder how to start putting the pieces back together. With so much to do, it is hard to prioritize.
Care for yourself and your family first. Make sure your tetanus sho…

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Ice Cream for Fourth of July

…alt to 4 parts chipped or cracked ice. Layer the ice and salt, beginning with ice. Turn freezer slowly and evenly until turning becomes difficult, indicating the ice cream is frozen. Remove the stopper from the side of freezer bucket and dr…

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Food Safety Tips for your Fourth of July Festivities

…aid her favorite vegetable is grilled corn. Place ears of corn in the husks on the grill and cover. Cook 15-20 minutes, turning every five minutes. Allow corn to cool, shuck and enjoy.

She also practices food safety at home and at gather…

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4-H Summer Camp Creates Lifelong Memories and Friendships

…camper they can be.”

4-H Summer Camp provides fun opportunities and rewarding experiences that have young people returning year-after-year.

The Alabama 4-H Center is located on Lay Lake near Columbiana, Alabama.

For more informat…

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Bacterial Wilt Found on Winter Squash

…rying of individual leaves are the first symptoms of bacterial wilt. Plants usually remain green when wilted instead of turning yellow. Within days, the wilting spreads throughout the vine. Eventually the entire plant collapses.


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Alfalfa Useful In Hay and Pasture Operations

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Alfalfa crops are once again returning to the Southeastern agriculture scene. Once a dominant forage, producers saw an elimination of many productive stands because of several factors, including insects and a har…

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Forest Diseases in the Southeastern United States

…aracterized by flagging and thinning of the crown. Needles on recently killed shoots are yellow to reddish brown, later turning greenish brown to dark gray. Shoot cankers are usually annual while cankers on the bole and larger branches are …

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An Emergency Handbook: Preparation and Recovery


Caring For Pets

Safety After a Disaster

Disaster Assistance for Homeowners and Renters
Home and Business
Returning Home

Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out

Reentering a Flooded Home

Flooding and Fire Ants

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Milling Dimensions: Characteristics of Portable Sawmill Owners and Operators

… of a portable sawmill is in the production of specialty products. Some owners have found success producing odd-sized turning blanks for woodworkers. In the Southeast, owners produce rough cut lumber from specific tree species such as o…

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Backyard Composting Tips

Biodegradability—the potential for being converted into simpler structures.
Aeration—contact with air by turning so microbial aerobic metabolism takes place.
Leachate—liquid that drains from the mix of fresh organic matt…

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Mode of Action Video Part 1 – English Handout

…tment. Examples include oxazolidinone, isoxazole) and triketone. They interrupt the chlorophyll production in the plant turning the plant tissue white and interrupting photosynthesis. The photosynthesis system can be easily damaged by sunli…

Mode of Action Video – Glossary

…control pest fish.

Pigment inhibitors: (bleachers) Herbicides that interrupt the chlorophyll production in the plant turning the plant tissue white and interrupting photosynthesis.

Plant Growth Regulator (PGR): A pesticide used to reg…

Raised Bed Gardening

… See above.

Before adding the soil mix, loosen or spade the existing soil and leave it rough. This is easily done by turning the soil with a shovel when moisture is sufficient to soften the soil. By leaving the soil surface rough, roots …

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Flood Recovery Resources

…Management Agency and other land-grant institutions.
 Online Resources

VIDEO: Contamination in Flood Waters
Returning Home
VIDEO: Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out
Reentering a Flooded Home
Flooding and Fire A…

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Flooded Wells: Shock Chlorination

…run until water is clear and free of sediments.

STEP 2: Turn Off Power

Turn off electrical power to the pump by turning off the circuit breaker.
Disconnect water softeners or household water filters by switching to bypass mode o…

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