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Spotted Wing Drosophila Causing Problems in Fruit Crops

…ast, an Alabama Extension commercial horticulture agent, reveals one pest that is causing a problem in fruit around the state and country.
Spotted Wing Drosophila
Spotted wing drosophila is a type of fruit fly that causes problems in late…

2 min read

Alabama’s Black Bear

…e is there are populations of black bears living right here in Alabama. In fact, the black bear is Alabama’s official state mammal. As with any wildlife, there are certain things about black bears people should know.
Black Bear Populatio…

3 min read

Market Facilitation Program Registration Now Open

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Tariffs, issues with trading partners and natural disasters have lowered income for United States farmers and ranchers. On July 25, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, announced details surrounding the $16…

3 min read

Picking the Perfect Watermelon

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Summertime in the South means the smell of cut grass, playing in the sprinklers and watermelon. The perfect watermelon on a hot summer day is sweet, juicy and bright red. However, picking the perfect ripe watermelon can …

2 min read

Alabama Watershed Stewards Handbook

…atershed steward. It is designed to be an educational resource and training guide for watershed stewards throughout the state.
Handbook Chapters
Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the program and an overview of the importance of waters…

2 min read

Beef Systems Short Course

… is geared for new and limited experience producers.

Producers can take the course at different locations around the state.  These are regional meetings and producers should select the location and dates most convenient for them.


2 min read

Alabama Watershed Stewards Workshops

Have you ever wondered what storm drains have to do with the water you swim in? Or why what you put on your lawn influences local fish? Have you wanted to know how healthy your local waters actually are or what can we do to protect and impr…

1 min read

Alabama Watershed Stewards Program

Interested in learning more about being a steward of our land and water? Join us and learn about being an Alabama Watershed Steward.
What is a watershed and why does it need stewards?
Stewardship means taking the responsibility to care fo…

2 min read

Water Quality Best Management Practices

When a body of water is impaired and placed on the 303(d) list, it is the responsibility of the state environmental agencies and concerned stakeholders to resolve the water quality problem(s) so that the waterbody can ultimately be removed …

2 min read

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2018

…vailable to make decisions regarding the management of natural resources.

Forests cover over two thirds of the state. Significant contributions to Alabama’s economy are provided from these forest resources through wood products, …

9 min read

Controlling Armadillo Damage in Alabama

…gs can con-tract leprosy from contact with armadillos. The Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases in the Southeastern United States States:

…Whether humans can contract infection (leprosy) from armadillos is debatable, although case histori…

3 min read

From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Grilled Cheese Surprise

…eveloped by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University. This initiative reaches residents across the state with research-based education.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Sondra P…

1 min read

Live Well Recipe: Spinach Dip


Download the recipe here: Printable Spinach Dip


Click here to view the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement.

1 min read

Food Safety for Southern U.S. Food Crop Producers After Flooding

Throughout the Gulf Coast states, floods directly affecting food production (including produce, grains, and animal feed) are relatively rare. Preparing for or reacting to flooding in terms of keeping food safe is not something that …

24 min read