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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Pollinator Ecology

The Changing Urban Landscape
Urban landscapes are transforming traditionally rural areas in the southeastern states into suburban and urban centers. Significant changes to plant and animal communities are a consequence. Plant spe…

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Safe Use of Integrated Pest Management

… timing of crawler hatch is known for some species of scale insects.

The plant diagnostic labs at your state land grant university can provide an accurate identification of the species you are dealing with, usually for a sm…

31 min read

Location, Size, and Type of Ornamental Garden Pools

…Ornamental Garden Pools series.

Ornamental pools, long common in the Orient, are becoming very popular in the United States. The soothing, visual beauty of pools is enhanced by aquatic plants, the ever-changing view of fish swimming amon…

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Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter

…treach Administrator/Program Assistant
Editorial Board
Chief Editor: Ayanava Majumdar, Extension Entomologist & State Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education Coordinator, Auburn University.

Board Members: Henry Fadamiro…

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Alabama Beginning Farmer Program

…ration with a wide range of institutions, producer groups, and nonprofit organizations for supporting beginning farmers statewide. In collaboration with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Crotovina, Farmscape Solutions, and The United Ch…

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Successful Aging Initiative

What is the Successful Aging Initiative?

The Successful Aging Initiative (SAI) program promotes health and estate planning for Alabama’s older adults, families, and caregivers.
The program uses Seniors CAN, a curriculum that edu…

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2019 Wiregrass Cotton Expo Planned for Feb. 14

… Smith, Extension Entomologist, Auburn University – Cotton Pest Management Systems for 2019
David Zierden, Florida State Climatologist – Weather Forecasting
Thomas Kirkland, Alabama Cotton Commission – Alabama Cotton Commission …

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24th Annual Beekeeping Symposium Set for Feb. 2

…ere are the Bees Going? Bee Foraging in Urban and Rural Areas

Dr. Reed Johnson, Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University

What I Learned about Beekeeping from being Married to a Novice Beekeeper and Planting Habitat fo…

2 min read

Soil Descriptions and Plant Selections for Greene County

…ndscaping, and septic tank filter fields. Most landscape, orchard and garden plants associated with the southern United States will grow well if properly cultivated. Acid-loving plants requiring a well-drained soil do well with reasonable m…

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