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Checklist for Handling Stress or Traumatic Situations

…lor, therapist, or psychologist. He or she may be able to help you build or improve on these life skills.
National and State Resources

National Crisis Hotline

(1-800) 273-TALK (8255)

Alabama Department of Public Health

2 min read

Escape Vapes

…onic cigarette (e-cigarette) use among high school students has increased at a staggering rate. According to the United States Surgeon General, e-cigarette use is higher among youth than adults and has become a national epidemic. These high…

2 min read

Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Alabama

…Mobile Botanical Gardens, and selected agents in the Alabama Cooperative Extension System from different regions of the state. The majority of the plants in the tables are hardy over a wide portion of Alabama; however, plants are included t…

19 min read

Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed) Resistance in Alabama

…e of action for weed management for years has led to the development of herbicide-resistant weeds throughout the United States.

Palmer amaranth (also known as Palmer pigweed)* is one of the most difficult weeds to control because it has …

4 min read

Canker and Dieback Diseases of Leyland Cypress

…nterey cypress in California. Within 20 years, a dieback and canker disease caused by the fungus Seridium cardinale devastated stands of this tree in the hot and dry Central Valley of California. During the same time frame, native stands of…

6 min read

Managing Fusiform Rust on Loblolly and Slash Pine in Forest and Landscape Settings

… fire suppression policy that increased the oak abundance, the disease became widespread throughout the southern United States in the 1970s. Today, despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars to minimize its impacts, fusiform rust rema…

5 min read

Economic Impact of a New Broiler House in Alabama

…00-square-foot (66’ × 600’) broiler house in Alabama causes a measurable increase in economic activity within the state in terms of construction and ongoing annual operations. Consider the following economic activity created during c…

2 min read

SerPIE-ASEMP 2019: Eligibility & Application Process

…ce and Extension careers. The 2019 program will run from June 3 – July 15, 2019.

ALL applicants must:

Be United States citizens or permanent residents who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.
Be classified as a Sop…

2 min read

The Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider has been collected throughout Alabama but is more commonly found in the northern half of the state. It is commonly found indoors in storage areas such as closets, basements, and cellars. The spiders take shelter i…

4 min read