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Swallow-Tailed Kite

… conservation concern in Alabama and is uncommon across its range in North America. These birds are found in the United States only during the summer and spend the winter in Central and South America. They can be distinguished from raptors …

Bovine Johne’s Disease

No medical treatment exists for Johne’s disease. A killed vaccine for Johne’s disease is available in some states with prior approval by the state Veterinarian. The vaccine does reduce the incidence of disease and delays the on…

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By-Product Feeds for Alabama Beef Cattle

…hat contains approximately 45 to 48 percent TDN and 7 to 9 percent CP. In various substation research trials across the state, palatability has been good in both stocker calves and brood cows. Gin trash makes an excellent roughage source fo…

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HYPE: Helping Youth Promote Empathy

… to reserve a HYPE series, contact an Extension agent listed below.
If you do not see your county listed, contact the State Office. Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties.
State Office
Alabama A&M University
Dr. Angela Wi…

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Soil Health in Alabama

…organic matter due to the warm climate, coarse-textured soils, and intensive farming practices historically used in the state. It is important to rebuild soil health to conserve this natural resource for use by future generations. Practices…

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Bald Eagle

Given its status as the national symbol, the bald eagle is one of the most easily identifiable raptors in the United States. At an average weight of 9.5 pounds, bald eagles are one of the largest birds encountered east of the Mississippi…

Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Programs for Beef Cattle

…commended estrus synchronization protocols for both cows and heifers, refer to the Beef Reproduction Task Force, a multistate extension activity in cooperation with the North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leaders Committ…

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Pesticide Safety Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

…er identified according to the type of pesticide application they are engaged in.  There are over 20 categories in the state of Alabama for Commercial Applicator Categories, contact the Department of Agriculture to help determine which Per…

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Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species: Venomous Lionfish

…ts that multiple releases of aquarium specimens off the coast of southeastern Florida led to the invasion in the United States. The first confirmed sighting of lionfish in the United States was off Dania Beach, Florida in 1985. By 2000–20…

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Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species: Amazonian Apple Snail

…to the public waters of Alabama.

Why Are They a Problem?
Apple snails cause several problems. First, they can devastate rice crops, causing economic losses to farmers in neighboring states and reducing food supply in the southeastern …

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Blackleg and Other Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

…clostridial disease. Blackleg is probably the most common clostridial disease seen in cattle in the southeastern United States, while tetanus is the most common clostridial disease in horses. Tetanus does occur in cattle, particularly in ol…

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Leptospirosis in Cattle

…ves. Because cattle are the maintenance host for hardjo-bovis, infection with this serovar will often produce a carrier state in the kidneys associated with long-term urinary shedding. In addition, infections with hardjo-bovis can persist i…

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Bovine Anaplasmosis

…e anemia and caused by the rickettsial organism Anaplasma marginale. The disease is present in many parts of the United States, including Alabama, and causes significant economic losses to the beef and dairy industries. Veterinarians in som…

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Adding Agricultural Lime to Fishponds

…ater from watersheds with soils of very low alkalinity, the
ability to neutralize acid. Exceptions are in areas of the state with significant limestone including the Black Belt region where the soils are derived from weathered limestone. P…

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Interpreting Soil Test Reports from Commercial Labs

…oils of the Blackbelt region.

Commercial laboratories may test soil samples from varying regions of the United States, and as a result, they could use different extractants. Table 1 lists some commonly used soil test methods in the…

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