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Bovine Anaplasmosis

…e anemia and caused by the rickettsial organism Anaplasma marginale. The disease is present in many parts of the United States, including Alabama, and causes significant economic losses to the beef and dairy industries. Veterinarians in som…

3 min read

Adding Agricultural Lime to Fishponds

…ater from watersheds with soils of very low alkalinity, the
ability to neutralize acid. Exceptions are in areas of the state with significant limestone including the Black Belt region where the soils are derived from weathered limestone. P…

5 min read

Interpreting Soil Test Reports from Commercial Labs

…oils of the Blackbelt region.

Commercial laboratories may test soil samples from varying regions of the United States, and as a result, they could use different extractants. Table 1 lists some commonly used soil test methods in the…

6 min read

Alabama Soils: Limestone Valleys

…ar soil was first described.

The Limestone Valleys of North Alabama are some of the most productive farmlands in the state. Certainly, the deep, fine-textured, silty, and clayey soils of this region were popular with early settlers looki…

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Alabama Soils: Flood Plains, Terraces, and Coastal Marshes

…l important. These soils are found along rivers, streams, and coastal areas—mainly in the Coastal Plain region of the state. Along Alabama’s major river systems (Alabama, Tombigbee, Black Warrior, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Chattahoochee, Pea, Ch…

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Alabama Soils: Coastal Plain

…oday—loblolly, slash, and longleaf pine plantations support the pulp, paper and lumber industries in this part of the state.

Typical Coastal Plain soils have sandy topsoil and clayey subsoil.
The soil is highly w…

2 min read

Commercial Applicator Frequently Asked Questions

…-based testing is available for the “Branch Supervisor Exam Only, (FB)” on a weekly basis at eight testing sites in the state of Alabama. Cost of exams for this Pest Control method is $125.00 per exam. You may sign up to take the online exa…

4 min read

El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Its Impact on Alabama’s Climate

…henomenon that affects the temperature and precipitation in Alabama in all seasons. Although ENSO predictability in the state is highest in the winter, it is highly variable in the other seasons; therefore, its predictability in spring, sum…

5 min read

Adapting Corn Production to Climate in Alabama

…iño years in northern and southern parts, but wetter and cooler in La Niña years in northern and central parts of the state.

Crop yield is affected by the variability in rainfall and temperature in Alabama through the influence i…

3 min read

Understanding NOP Standards for Pest Management in Specialty Crops

…ama, check the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) website ( Alabama) and/or contact State SARE coordinators with any questions or concerns. To subscribe to the Alabama IPM C…

5 min read

Adapting Wheat Production to Climate in Alabama

…) followed by the southern part (the Coastal Plain and Gulf Coast), although wheat fields are spread out throughout the state. Limestone, Madison, Lauderdale, Morgan, Lawrence, Jackson, DeKalb, Marshall, and Colbert are the leading counties…

3 min read

Planting Date and Variety Selection Effects on Wheat Yield

…and related issues. Between 2009 and 2012, researchers in Alabama conducted studies at various locations throughout the state to better understand how these decisions, coupled with seasonal climate variability, affect wheat growth and yield…

7 min read

Introducing Annuals in Grazed Pastures

Annual cover crops introduce quality forage at opportune times of the year, help to create more diverse farm habitats, and provide opportunities to rejuvenate pastureland. Overseeding summer perennial pastures with winter annuals can provid…

1 min read

A Guide to Grazing Cover Crops in Cropland

Cover crops are an important part of conservation agricultural systems in the southeastern United States. If managed properly, grazing of cover crops can add economic value to farm operations while improving soil health. Studies have shown …

1 min read

Operation Grow for Military Veterans

…rts county-based efforts that are inclusive of all veterans and their families with access to information and resources statewide. If you are interested in a training curriculum in your county (e.g., Farmer 101 curriculum), we request you t…

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