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GMO Food Facts: Bioengineered Crops

…roperty or trait that can be carried to its offspring.
After rigorous testing by federal agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Food and Drug …

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Opioid Crisis

…These individuals often develop a tolerance and addiction to opioids. In 2015, more than 2 million people in the United States (US) were addicted to prescription opioids and roughly 591,000 were addicted to heroin (NIH, 2017). According to …

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Alfalfa Mixtures Helping Extend The Growing Season

…r. Kim Mullenix, an Alabama Extension animal science specialist, said that many believe that alfalfa cannot grow in the state.

“Because we saw a decline in production, there is the misconception that alfalfa does not grow in the Southe…

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Kelton Selected for SARE Fellows Program

… working farms,” Kelton said. “After the program, I plan to transfer my knowledge and help producers throughout the state implement better on-farm practices.”
Fellows Program
Kelton will participate in the 2019 Fellows Program, alon…

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Alabama SNAP-Ed Program Accomplishments

…ers to SNAP acceptance in farmers markets. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development.

National/State Recognition (5)
National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Impact 2017 Report
• Community …

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Grasshoppers Cause Issues in Seedling Cotton

…on on grasshoppers is available at



Photo in article by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Featured image by Mike Zapata, Frisco Urban Forestry Board,….

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Sweet Orange Scab: New Cases Identified in Alabama

…mber 2017.

Dr. Kassie Connor, an Alabama Extension plant pathologist, said the disease may have been pushed into the state by strong weather systems.

“We suspect the pathogen spread from Florida via hurricane movement last year,” …

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Corn Earworms, Cotton Bollworms Build Resistance

…ure moths is determined by when farmers plant corn.

Smith said the dates in which the moths move vary by area of the state. Prior to the 2017 growing season, there were not enough escape worms to worry. When the 2017 season had damage an…

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Farmers Markets Begin Accepting SNAP

… in farmers markets remains limited for low-income families. Live Well Alabama partners with farmers markets across the state to provide food demonstrations and facilitate vendor acceptance of SNAP benefits and senior farmers market nutriti…

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Quest for Healthy Schools Initiative Helps Support Alabama

…iance for a Healthier Generation and also local schools to help Alabama schools become healthier places to learn. This statewide effort uses a seven-step process:

Identify, recruit and assemble a diverse group of school admini…

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