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Junior Naturalist Program

Alabama is a state rich in natural resources and ranked fifth in the nation in terms of biodiversity (variety of fauna and flora). This is possible because of our state’s extensive river system and five distinct physiographic land section…

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Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP)

…ng wildlife and fisheries habitat management to junior and senior level (ages 9-18) 4-H and FFA youth across the United States.

WHEP is the only national youth program that teaches wildlife and fish habitat management with a scientifical…

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Develop citizenship and leadership knowledge and skills.
Demonstrate knowledge and skills by participating in state-level forestry judging activities.
Receive recognition for accomplishments.

Knowledge and Skills:


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… awareness of environmental and resource management issues, and incorporate service projects into our fun.

Under the statewide framework, the program has grown from the grassroots level in 28 counties as 37 certified instructors, 10 cert…

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Alabama Water Watch

…ers in natural resource and environmental fields, and gain valuable skills and knowledge. 4-H AWW is part of the larger statewide volunteer monitoring program, Alabama Water Watch that was established in 1992, and is a national model for ci…

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Project WILD

In the fall of 2017, Alabama Extension became the Project WILD coordinating organization for the state of Alabama in partnership with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.
Project WILD is one of the most widely used and recognized…

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Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

… is nonpotable and requires extensive treatment for use as tap water. Potable water purification requirements vary with state and local ordinances and must be inspected by local authorities.

Water harvesting systems can range from a simp…

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Aerospace and Rocketry

…that when burned in the rocket engine provides propulsion. Propulsion is based on Newton’s Third Law of physics which states that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Want to be an astronaut?
Expeditions are journ…

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Competitive Events General Contest Policies

…of Contests
When entering Alabama 4-H Competitive Events, a young person may only compete in one event at regional and state competition because of contest scheduling. Each county may register one Senior Level I and one Senior Level II ind…

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Agriculture Damage Ripples Through Wiregrass Economy

…at means they have less money to support government functions and infrastructure.”

Extension estimates that local, state and federal tax revenues in the region could decline by as much as $22.8 million.

The projected economic and jo…

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