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Beginning Farmer Information and Impact Resources

…ration with a wide range of institutions, producer groups, and nonprofit organizations for supporting beginning farmers statewide.
Project Objectives

Provide science-based information and consultation to beginning farmers.
Support …

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​Integrated Pest Management

…alone. This information can be found on our web site as well.
My co-workers and I hang several insect traps around the state. I have been trapping for brown marmorated stink bugs in corn and spotted wing drosophila in blueberries and black…

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Hubbard Trap Crop Protects Yellow Squash From Insect Pests

…recommendations. Here is a summary of what we have seen/understood so far. Our data is consistent with studies in other states but we do have our own unique production issues as noted below.

Hubbard trap crops included the Baby Blue…

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Pesticide Applicator University

…C), Aquatic and Public Health (AQ/PH), and Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO). Prior conferences offered 30 points for the state of Alabama and had a range of approved points for other states such as  Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi…

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Eastern Screech-Owl

… Birds of Prey in Alabama, ANR – 1386.

Eastern screech-owls are the smallest owl commonly seen in the eastern United States. Though they vary in color from gray to brown to red, screech-owls can be identified by their small size, ear tuf…

Southeastern U.S. 2019 Vegetable Crop Handbook

The 19th Edition of  Vegetable Crop Handbook for the Southeastern United States is now available. The Handbook is compiled by the Southeastern Vegetable Handbook.

It represents a joint effort among Extension specialists and researchers…

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Planning Your Professional Wardrobe Part 1: Your Professional Image

… you’re smart enough to do the job, you’re smart enough to dress right for it.
Communicating through Clothes
What statement do you want to send? What role do you want to play? Some people send out the wrong message unintentionally. Wh…

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Microloan Programs for Small or Beginning Farmers

The focus of Microloans is on the financing needs of small, beginning farmer, niche and non-traditional farm operations, such as truck farms, farms participating in direct marketing and sales such as farmers’ markets, CSA’s (Community S…

American Kestrel

…from Common Birds of Prey in Alabama, ANR – 1386.

Though found year round throughout most of the contiguous United States, the American kestrel is listed as a species of high conservation concern in Alabama. With rufous-colored tails a…

Basics of Saltwater Shrimp Farming

…nical expertise to be successful. Here are some of the basics of shrimp farming.
Farm Location
As in commercial real estate, location, location, and location are the three most important consid­erations when selecting a site for shrimp f…

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Pest and Beneficial Insects

A smart yard strives for balance. This is true for all management areas, including pests. Integrated pest management (IPM) combines multiple strategies for long-term prevention and management. Successful IPM always begins with accurate pest…

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