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Competitive Events General Contest Policies

…of Contests
When entering Alabama 4-H Competitive Events, a young person may only compete in one event at regional and state competition because of contest scheduling. Each county may register one Senior Level I and one Senior Level II ind…

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Agriculture Damage Ripples Through Wiregrass Economy

…at means they have less money to support government functions and infrastructure.”

Extension estimates that local, state and federal tax revenues in the region could decline by as much as $22.8 million.

The projected economic and jo…

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Livestock Judging Contest

…ock Judging Contest is open to enrolled members of Alabama 4-H. 4-H membership is available for youth ages 9 to 18. The state contest consists of three different age divisions:

Junior Division: 4-H members who are between 9 and 11 year…

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How to Submit Pond Water Samples


To be completed by the county Extension office. Samples can be mailed to:





Zip Code:




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Freshwater Clams and Mussels

…ke up what are collectively called zebra mussels. (See Figure 3.) These invaders are thought to have reached the United States via shipping into the Great Lakes during the 1980s. Since that time, zebra mussels have spread throughout the upp…

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Hurricane Deals Heavy Blow to Alabama Agriculture

…across Alabama. Alabama Cooperative Extension System Director Gary Lemme called it a devastating blow to farmers in the state’s Wiregrass region.

“Cotton farmers suffered the greatest losses,” said Lemme. “But the storm affected …

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Growing Blueberries in Your Fall Landscape

…ies are one of the easiest fruit for homeowners to grow.
Planting Blueberries
Being native to the Southeastern United States, the rabbiteye blueberry is tolerant of the high temperatures of the region. It is found growing wild in southern…

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What Do We Teach? Animal Science

…ry county.

Growing Alabama’s Future: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower youth with the skills to lead our communities, our state, our nation, and our world. Alabama 4-H will reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse …

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Good Dog

…d problem-solving skills. Ultimately, youth will compete in a county 4-H dog show. Winners proceed to a regional and/or state show.
Who Can Participate
Any young person age 9 through 18 as of January 1 of the project year can participate….

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Planning Your 4-H Year Ahead

…interest and support.
Establish Club Goals
What do the young people want their club to achieve during the year? Goals state what the club members would like to see the club accomplish. They should be developed from the interests of club …

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Crop Insurance Not a Guaranteed Payout for Farmers

…and report damage in the coming weeks.

“USDA NASS’s October crop production report estimated Alabama should have statewide records for corn, soybean and cotton crops in 2018,” he said. “Cotton producers were looking for a great y…

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Alabama Extension Compiling Ag Loss Data

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Hurricane Michael devastated crops in Alabama’s Wiregrass region.  But for farmers to have access to the most disaster assistance, officials need comprehensive data on projected yields, estimated losses and othe…

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Important Tips for Insecticide Applications and Equipment

…g proper precaution for protecting personal health is important. Contact the Pesticide Safety Education program in your state for training on PPE and Worker Protection Standards mandated by the EPA. When in doubt, contact your extension off…

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…’s small-scale private landowners – especially for those who own less than 100 acres.  These landowners consistently state that their primary reason for owning land is to pass it on to their heirs, with outdoor recreation and scenic beau…

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Aquaculture of Bait Shrimp on the Gulf Coast

…hree native penaeid shrimp species of commercial importance live in the Southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States: Litopenaeus setiferus (white shrimp), Farfantepenaeus duorarum (pink shrimp), and F. aztecus (brown shrimp). The…

8 min read