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Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 2

…rtphones to televisions — so have weather reports. Beginning on page 3 is an updated list of terms used by the United States National Weather Service that describes severe weather you and/or your family may one day face. Post this list so…

6 min read

Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 1

…s to act decisively when such incidences occur.

National Elevated and Imminent Advisories
In April 2011, the United States Department of Homeland Security replaced the colored coded alert system with the National Terrorism Advisory Syst…

6 min read

Elements of Surprise: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by E-Waste Contaminants

… element, it is a liquid at normal temperatures and forms an odorless gas when heated. Airborne mercury, in its gaseous state, eventually settles on land or into water where microorganisms convert it to methyl mercury. Methyl mercury is tox…

6 min read

Drought Management Strategies for Sheep and Goats

… animal well-being and production, including on-farm finances.

Following Long-Range Forecasts
Drought in the United States is monitored through a partnership between the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-L…

8 min read

Emergency Preparation for Dogs

…umber. In addition, put a temporary identification tag on your dog with the phone number of your veterinarian or out-of-state relative or friend. There is a good chance the phones may not work after a disaster. More permanent forms of ident…

4 min read

Caregivers’ Guide for Sheltering and Evacuating

…wever, check with the local sheltering authority to see if service animals are allowed at evacuation facilities.
Many states designate shelters that allow animals. Other shelters may prohibit them.
Plan ahead for the supplies the service…

2 min read

Alabama Cottage Food Law Course

…Cottage Food Law went into effect in 2014 and provides guidance and information for cottage food entrepreneurs. The law states that individuals can produce certain nonhazardous foods in their homes. As part of the law, individuals who wish …

1 min read

Diabetes in an Emergency

…ess, headache, dizziness, anxiety, or extreme hunger.
Diabetes and You, HE-0291
Used by permission of the Mississippi State University Extension Service.
No guarantee, endorsement, or discrimination among comparable products is intended …

4 min read

Stress Management

…” as you strive for achievement.
Prioritize. Use the 80-20 rule originated by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto that states, “80 percent of the reward comes from 20 percent of the effort.” The trick to prioritizing is to isolate and …

4 min read

Produce Safety Rule

… nuts, fungi, root, leafy, sprout and vine-stalk vegetables) is the number one cause of foodborne illness in the United States. These outbreaks account for nearly half of all foodborne illnesses.

A new produce safety rule focusing on set…

2 min read