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Stress Management

…” as you strive for achievement.
Prioritize. Use the 80-20 rule originated by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto that states, “80 percent of the reward comes from 20 percent of the effort.” The trick to prioritizing is to isolate and …

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Produce Safety Rule

… nuts, fungi, root, leafy, sprout and vine-stalk vegetables) is the number one cause of foodborne illness in the United States. These outbreaks account for nearly half of all foodborne illnesses.

A new produce safety rule focusing on set…

2 min read

Manufactured Home Safety

…red home and a few precautions will help you to prevent storm and fire damage. The Forty-Second Congress of the United States passed the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act in 1974; however, the law became effective o…

9 min read

Nectar and Pollen Producing Plants of Alabama: A Guide for Beekeepers

…al bee pasture. Keep records of dates when plants bloom because there is variation in the dates from one section of the state to another and also some variation from year to year. After a few years, you will know when to expect your greates…

5 min read

Vaccinations for the Beef Cattle Herd

… spread by ticks or horsefly bites or by reusing needles or instruments between animals. A vaccine is available in some states with a conditional USDA license, but unless the risk is high, a routine vaccination for anaplasmosis is not recom…

11 min read

Home Gardening: Rabbiteye Blueberries

…or edible landscapes in home gardens.

The rabbiteye blueberry, Vaccinium ashei, is native to the southeastern United States. This species is tolerant of the heat and drought of the South and grows wild in southern Georgia, Alabama, and t…

5 min read

Forestry Herbicide Facts

… branches and leaves. Chemicals transported in the phloem move both up and down the plant.

Mode of Action. A general statement is provided as to how the chemical affects plant biochemistry.

Selectivity. Types or classes of plants tha…

3 min read

Bird Houses for Songbirds

…t boxes. Bluebird trails where boxes are placed along paths through good bluebird habitat have been established in many states. This partially compensates for the loss of preferred nesting sites such as wooden fence posts and cavity trees. …

7 min read

Management of Hardwood Forests for Timber in Alabama

…k and river bottoms, coves, and lower portions of slopes have soils suited for quality hardwoods. In a few parts of the state, relatively fertile upland soils may be suitable as well. However, for most upland soils, timber profits from hard…

9 min read

Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesters

…pplier of large amounts of clean water. 

The responsibility for enforcing the Water Quality Act of 1987 lies with a state-administered program with oversight by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program is now being develo…

10 min read

Meet the Team – Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Extension

…r. They can answer questions over the phone, email, and letters. Because their area of responsibility covers the entire state, Extension Specialists do not typically have the resources to conduct on-site visits.

The following Auburn Univ…

2 min read

Livestock Carcass Disposal

…ith a high water table. If an incinerator is used to burn mortalities, use one approved by the Alabama ( APPINCINERATOR07.xls).

Four Alabama Department of Agriculture Veterinary Diagnos…

2 min read

Science School

…th a year. The Science School alone sees about 5,000 youth a year at the 4-H Center. These youth come from all over the state of Alabama, as well as Georgia.

The Alabama 4-H Science School outreach programs (Herp Journey and Raptor Trek)…

1 min read

Memorial or Tribute Gifts

…ing a cause you believe in.  Your memorial gift can establish an endowment, fund a scholarship, or help fund local and state level 4-H projects.

Contact a staff member by calling (334) 844-5536 or emailing We can a…

1 min read

Endowed Gifts

…minimum philanthropic investment of $10,000–either as an outright gift paid over time or through a bequest from your estate. Once established, the endowment is held permanently and is managed and invested by the Alabama 4-H Foundation. It…

1 min read