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Target Spot, Areolate Mildew Damaging to Cotton

… reactions to these diseases were assessed in rainfed and irrigated settings at multiple AAES research units across the state in 2018.

Reports indicate that while there was considerable target spot development in the mid-May planted full…

2 min read

Profit Profiles of Commodities

This page provides selected production cost/prices paid by farmers listed as well as estimated cost of production and statewide basis information. Selected feedstuffs are listed first and are broken down by North Central and South Alabama…

2 min read

A New Virus Disease in Alabama Cotton

…California and Arizona, virus-incited diseases have not previously caused significant losses in the southeastern United States cotton production region. In late August through October of 2017, cotton plants displaying symptoms of a possible…

6 min read

New Training Required To Use Paraquat Products

…raining. Growers that currently have a supply of paraquat without the new label do not have to complete the training as stated in the EPA rules.”
More Information
Additional information about the new required trainings can be found at w…

2 min read

Farming Basics: A CEU Credit Opportunity

…o and squash production and integrated pest management.

Agriculture contributes nearly $54.9 billion annually to the state’s economy. For some, farming is a way of life. For those with limited experience, finding a starting point to be…

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4-H Celebrates National Volunteer Week

…labama 4-H has helped young people develop into resourceful citizens and responsible leaders. The success of county and state programs led by Alabama Extension staff is largely dependent on support from parents, volunteers and local busines…

1 min read

Poultry Pest Management

… at

As stated earlier, the northern fowl mite is the most serious and the most difficult pest to control in modern commercial o…

11 min read

Alabama Prospective Planting Numbers Released

AUBURN, Ala.—A year of tumultuous weather and natural disasters, 2018 brought challenges where expectations were high for good yields and market pricing. In Alabama alone, producers experienced hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding on top of…

2 min read

SmartMap Education Program

…natural resource managers interested in adopting UAS
Landowners interested in using UAS on their properties
Real-estate professional interested in mapping and video capture

Upcoming Workshop Locations and Registration
There is a r…

3 min read