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Drinking Water for Livestock


Season. Higher temperatures increase water consumption. High humidity reduces daily consumption.

Physiological state. Water consumption increases with age, weight, pregnancy, and lactation.

A general rule of thumb is livestock n…

3 min read

Kudzu Control in Forests, Rights-of-Way & Natural Areas

Kudzu (Pueraria montana [Lour.] Merr.) is the most well-known invasive plant in the southeastern United States. Its aggressive and smothering growth habit makes it a serious weed problem in many noncrop environments including forests, right…

5 min read

Business One on One

…leadership influence, how to obtain & develop business assets (cash, goods, and services), and evaluate the current state of a business.

Who is Business 1-on-1 for?

Business 1-on-1 is for current or aspiring small business owner…

2 min read

Maintaining Herd Health When Introducing a New Bull

…ry year. No medical treatment exists for Johne’s disease. A killed vaccine for Johne’s disease is available in some states with prior approval by the state Veterinarian. However, the vaccine does have some limitations and side effects. …

5 min read

Community Event Planning Guide

…edits (CEUs/CECs). These credits help professionals to maintain certification in their careers. So, be sure to clearly state the purpose and program objectives on all promotional materials. Then complete the necessary paperwork to award co…

5 min read

Euthanasia of Livestock

…ia when necessary. For excellent and more detailed information regarding euthanasia of livestock, visit extension/dairy/programs/humane-euthanasia. The website describes in detail the proper procedures for e…

4 min read

Hair Sheep for Small-Scale Farming

Meat and Wool
Although the majority of residents in the United States (US) do not consume lamb, most US sheep businesses are targeted toward the production of lamb meat rather than wool. Furthermore, the US frequently imports from Australi…

2 min read

Honey, I’m Home: Common Home Pests

…ds, cardboard boxes, walls near pipes and vents, and electrical wiring. According to the NPMA, nearly 21 million United States households fight rodent infestations each year during the winter.
Keep Pests Out
The best way to keep pests out…

2 min read

Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybeans

Frogeye leaf spot (FLS), caused by the fungus Cercospora sojina, is a major disease of soybeans in the southern United States. Estimates of yield loss due to FLS have been reported to be as high as 30 percent on susceptible varieties when e…

4 min read